Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet my besties!

Mau sok2 gawl, jadi gw kudu update dan ekseys trus di blog ini :)
*Emm, alesan sebenernya sih karena gw ngga ada kerjaan dan bingung mau curhat sama siapah... #NangisDipojokan #Berle

Hmm, oke, balik lagi ke postingan gw.. Jadi ceritanya yah, alhamdulilah yah, gw pindah dari Jakarta ke Bali, dimana Bali merupakan salah satu tujuan wisata seluruh manusia yang ada dimuka bumi tercinta ini..So, gw punya banyak kesempatan ketemu temen2 gw dari mana2, khususnya dari Jakarta, yang lagi pada holiday di Bali.. tanpa mau menyia2kan kesempatan, gw mau langsung posting foto2nya.. here we goooo..

Ini gw sama elsy ( mau kenalan sama orangnya? klik @clamentina )

Ini masih gw sama elsy, di Danau Bratan, Bedugul

Ini waktu kita di Balangan.. These beach is the coolest ever!

Gw dan Elsa ( see her tweets @elsaindah )

still with elsa di cocoon

I <3 these place, true. so romantic.. but quite expensive for my pocket :D

Wow, agak kaget ngelyat mereka yang bener2 ANAK GAUL JAKARTA SELATAN atw yang biasa disebut AGATA'S *saya yang menambahkan kata selatannya :p
Iya, mereka modist abis.. Beda sama gw yang hidup didesa tertinggal.. *Hey, tapi Bali bahasa sehari-harinya bahasa Inggris lhooo #BanggaAbis *
Tapi mereka cama cekali tidak sombong loh ceman2.. aaaahhh, yang jelas yah, gw seneng banget bisa ketemu mereka, bantuin mereka selama di Bali.. Malah bisa share2 informasi, kaya si Cocoon yang baru gw tau keberadaannya dari neng Elsa.. *Padahal gw diBali yakan? kemane aje lu, Chie? #Gubrak #MenjatuhkanDiriDariTowerProviderHp
Meet my old besties, serulah pokoknya :)
Well, see you guys, on the next trip here yaa :*

Dan, setelah ketemu mereka di bulan Mei - Juni, ngga lama kemudian, gw yang hijrah ke Jakarta..
Gw bakalan posting nanti, so stay tune, Peeps!


2 Know Me More

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Salam penuh cinta,


Friday, July 29, 2011

About me

After you saw "a little pic of my self" , now let me introduce my self, peeps..
Let's we start from my real name : Ni Nyoman Wiedyastrie
Yes, I'm a Balinese girl. Not really Balinese i thought, because I was born in Jakarta, 31 March 1990, and lived in Jakarta for about 15 years. I got that Balinese name from my Dad, because yes, he's from Balinese but born in Mataram, then lived so long time in Jakarta. And my Mom, are from Karawang ( Sundanese ).
As you read above, yes I'm kinda "Gado-gado" which have a lot of mixing blood in my body -___-"
Therefore *with my very sorry* I can't speak Balinese indeed ( please blame my Dad which never teach me Balinese language ) But hey, I can speak Sundanese fluently, and Betawi language as well, HAHAHA. 
Sometimes I get so proud of my name, but sometimes I become shy of my name. Do you know why? It because I really can't speak Balinese. I only know a little bit vocabulary of Balinese, a little bit about the culture, until I graduated from Junior High School, I moved to Bali. There's so many people mock me, with my Balinese name. *Oh gosh, so sorry. I really can't learn that language easily, therefore, please forgive me >.< And that's be the reason why I'd really feel much better if you call me with my nickname : ACHIE :) 
As simple as myself.
Anyway, I have 2 brother and sister, the eldest one is my brother and the second one is my sister. Well I'm the smallest one >.< 
But it doesn't mean I'm kind a little girl with childish character, no, nothing at all. I'm mature enough, because from I was 9yo, I always stayed alone in my house, because my parents worked, my first brother lived separately from he was in playgroup i though, and my sister rarely at home.
Fisicly, I'm not too tall and tend to short. I have a "sawo matang" skin *really Balinese people* yes, you could see clearly from the picture above. Please leave a comment if you think that I'm pretty enough, so I could respond your kindness with follow your blog, or if you're guy, maybe we could switch our mobile phone number *wink2* LOL!

As I mention above, I ever lived in Jakarta till I graduated from Junior High School then I moved to Bali, following my brother and sister and my parents. It was the saddest feeling ever. Because I'm a Phlegmatic girl, I didn't like changing. I'm not as that easy to adapt ate to the new environment.
But, yes, my life should goes on, right? 
Now I still in Bali, trying to struggling my life here. I worked at one of travel agency named PT. Access Asia Holiday *For some reason, I am pleased to tell you to click2 to the link beside #PROMOTION #FREEADVERTISING :D 
And my hobbies are singing ( hey, now I'm a servant in my church as a singer :D ) even my voice is not too good nor bad enough, I though :D
I do love photography, sometimes I could be the photographer and the other time I could be the model, hahaha sorry for my narcissism. And I love to be the editor also. Yeah, I don't know from where I got that hobby, but it become an obsession for me lately. 
I love travelling also, Guys.. And one of my dreams is travelling over Indonesia, then around the world, amen. I love reading, I love to listening music, I love to watching tv, I'm interest in fashion and design *Even  I can't drawing!!! x) And the last but not least, I love writing so much. So you're will not wondering why I write a full of my curriculum vitae just like i did in this post, right? :D
And just because I'm a introvert girl, I'd like to write everything I feel than I tell to everybody #PoorMe.

At this time, my status still single with qualified specification, LOL! 
I really love to dream. And Me is the one who always believe in GOD's miracle. Everything I do, I bring it back to GOD's will. 
I'm a unique person, and I really hate copycat'ers. I always though we are unique person which is GOD voluntary made us different. So please find your own way, copycat! 
I have a huge sensitivities and tend to be moody sometimes :D
Hmm, it become so long am I? well, if you're dare me with "Please describe yourself with only 3 words" I could only say, I LOVE MYSELF ( just as I am ). 

Ni Nyoman Wiedyastrie A.k.a Achie