Saturday, September 21, 2013


Just had a chance to post something.. therefore, i would like to proudly present my INSTAGRAM account, yeay! Just please click the link above to know my daily updates. Actually i have a lot of stories that i could share with you, but i'm still in my period ( i could use that for alibi, thanks God I'm a girl. ) , that's makes me too lazy to post about my recent activities, haha! *Need your favor to forgive me* 
Gotta updates to you after i move to another place *1st clue* with better connection and gadgets ( i hope ).

See ya!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beach Club Cruise by Bali Hai

Tadaaa! Come back with another post ( in a day ) such as a real blogger, hahaha!
So this time, let me show you the fun and memorable activity we've ( read : my office mate ) done last April ( One month before I submit my resignation :p ).
Yes, April ( #BadBlogger ) on 14st, We went to Lembongan Island for free by Bali Hai . We was able to join for the program called Beach Club Cruise , FOR FREE! Did you see I'm wrote, FREE??? Yes, that's totally free for us. Just because we had support them by sending our guest there, we got complimentary plus product knowledge plus product trial for their program, DOUBLE YEAY!
Can you imagine, beach, gold sand, blue sky, clear sea, sunshine all of that things ARE my FAVORITE since I live in BALI. Can you imagine how i felt? #SPEECHLESS
That day, we went to Benoa Harbor by our own motorbike. Me with Rahma, Ibu Artati ( the madam of accounting ) by herself and Mas Pam ( the operation man ) by himself. Don't ask why we went by motorbike, since the program was FREE and if we have to pay, it's around Rp. 625.000/person. Praise The Lord, we got it FREE ( I'd love to repeat that word :'p ). Then until the boarding time ( its 09.00 am if I'm not mistake ) we will cruising with vessel. Okay, no more bla blah, I'll explain by photos below..

Welcoming 'dancer' even they're not dancing at all. You can take a photo with them. It cost IDR 100.000 if you want the original one >.< 

ON BOARD with my partner ( Mas Pam and Mba Artati )

Our breakfast snack ( free! )

Click here, there, here. This is OUR fun man!

It's around 30-45 minutes cruising and it feels sooo bad. #MabukLaut
Therefore I sit there, facing the wind so i didn't get puke :)) 

Arrive in pontoon ( kind a deck in the middle of the sea ) this is the place were another program ( Read : Reef Cruise )  supposed to be.
For Beach Club Cruise, our place is at beach. But we could do another activities such as snorkeling, village tour, banana boat, semi submersible coral viewer, etc. Therefore, we have to move to smaller boat to go to the beach.

Welcome to my paradise, everybody.. We arrive safely :')
Changing into swimsuit and...


This is our lunch menu. Actually its buffet bbq, but forgive me, i'm not taking the pict of the restaurant >.<
The food was soooo good, satisfying! *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
After doing all the activities ( mostly in the sea or beach, which I can't take the pictures due to I have no anti-air cameras ) We went to the pontoon again to prepare to go back.

Due to the semi submersible coral ( ship ) still docking, we just can see the cute fishes there.
The name is semi submarine dock *or whatever the name is
On the way to the harbor

Did my skin get tanned?

with mba Artati

Yeay, it feels so good that I could try those program. That's one of the advantages you get when you're work at the travel agent for sure :p 
You know, I cannot swim at all, I even too afraid to swim. But there, I got private lesson from the life guard there, then he teach me how to breath in the deep sea ( or even snorkeling ), and now I'm more brave for it *call me nekat then. And really nice to see what's inside the sea for real ( for the first time in my life ) and it makes me want to go to Gili Trawangan again and practice the life guard teach me. Kyaaa! 

Well I', off now. Gotta go!
See ya for the next adventures babes..

P.S : If you're planning to go to Bali, I'm definitely recommend you to try those activities ( yes, a bit pricey but worth to try for sure! ) Just click the link above for further information. 


Sunday Updates

Hi fellas! Yes I know, its been a long time ago since my last post #CallMeBadBloggerThen. But for your information, I've been through so many things that time. Therefore, to redeem my laziness, I will give you a couple of post today, yeay! Before that, let me explain the quick of my journey along my "silent time"..

This is my photo diary about my sickness at the hospital. 
1. DC from my doctor
2. The result of my blood test ( after 3 days of fever )
3. My hand got so many red dots *DB signs*
4. Finally, 21st of March went to HOSPITAL *my first and last time i wish*
5. I have to shoot my meals after i ate that, my boyfie asked me for that
6. Watching TV alone. almost everyday i spent at the hospital by myself :_(
7. Almost healed. Time for taking pict with my nephew
8. Getting better, look at my face, it's shinner than the days before hahaha! 
9. The best thing of getting sick is, you GOT what you've want. Yes, i want lasagna please..
I know, I'm kinda forgot to tell you that I've been stay at the Hospital around 5 days because of DB ( Demam Berdarah ). It's happened in the middle of March, 21st of march for the exact. You know, I never been so that awful before. My sick list is just flu, cough, or the worst is maag. But that time was the worst ill of my life for sure. I've never been stay at the hospital because of my ill ( except when i was new baby born, i'm a weak baby, doctor ever diagnosed my have a paru-paru basah *which i don't know the English is ).
So that's would be my first and last time laying there. My hemoglobin was only 86 that time ( from the normal is 140-440 ) which is under the average, and its getting lower at the day i went to the hospital ( its 56, wtf !@#$% ). So I've been there for 5-really-suffering-and-sick-and-awful-days because of the infus was really sick, and 2 TIMES A DAY the doctor will take 5ml of my blood, REALLY SICK OF THEM!
The best news is, I GAIN my WEIGHT down for 3 KILOGRAMS everybody!!! *SUPER PROUD*

Went to BALI HAI!!!
I will post in separate post later, yeay!

Look at my recent profile at my Facebook :')
Yes, yes.. I finally decided to resign from my last office PT. Access Asia Holiday , then TRYING and MOVING to hotel. Mmm, that's my really BIG decision, that's also my BIG step which is can change everything in my life ( a new and better level of my career of course ). Sometimes I can't believe what I've done. A little regret comes into my heart, but, I'm kind a 'keras kepala' person. I will hold on into what i'm believe in it. Praise The Lord, I'm still grateful with this decision I took. Why it feels so tough? First, I'm not an easy to blend with new peoples, hard to adaptation person, and enjoy already in the comfort zone.
So the questions comes up to my head, how if the environment was not good as my last office? how if i have no partner? how if the job is boring? how if that? how if this? But, hey, I have to move on! I have to take a little ( OR MORE BIG step ) for better life. To pursue my dream.. 
Now I'm almost 2 months here ( works as Reservation at The Oasis Beach Benoa ) , and I ( have to ) enjoying my jobs here. Even tough, the reality laughing so loud at me. I have to face it, I have to fight for it. 
Well, I still need more energy for that, therefore I need you guys to pray for me ( may God bless you, whom pray for me abundantly ) :')

My love for my BoyFie is getting bigger, even we still arguing sometimes. But that's what they called LOVE, isn't?
Nothing much I could say regarding the last June. Since I still on process to adaptation. Arghhh, it's getting harder but I won't give up! And my love life also. I wont give up on our relationship baby.. God know's we worth ed :')

Chillin with my best best best friend! what a lovely 
Yes, finally, after our last meeting ( on Elisa's birthday on November ) we meet again. With mom-soon-to-be Icha ( look at her 4months tummy, big isn't? ) and the hijab's Elisa. All of us changes guys.. 8 months of living apart, makes us grow older, wiser and 'bigger' :p But the trend mark of us is not changed at all, OUR CRAZINESS. hahaha.. I hope we still could gathering together like before, maybe with her child, her husband and mine :p

Well that's my updates from march till now. I promise will post more. And I hope I will get more followers btw T.T


Friday, April 19, 2013

Browny Hair

A bunch of apologized will always be my greetings for this blog. So again, sorry for lack of update :p
Well as my promise before, I just want to show you how brown my hair :D *narcissism detected*
Yes, I finally had a chance to toning my hair into, mmm I don't know what is exactly those color is. 
But there written its "mocha" , I'm not really love the result because actually I want the dark one, but all the color i wanted is none T_T
All right, I will let my photos explain it :)
P.s : All the photos is taken on 31st March, it's on my birthday :") Yes, it's been a month ago and I just got a chance to post it, fufufufu.

*Toilet detected*

@ Pizza Hut

What do you think guys? Did you can see the color? Sorry for bad quality of the picture since it's taken from my old and tired blackberry smartphone >.<
Well, I thought I want to change the color again, since my boyF said I'm following one of his favorite's girlband personel, LOL x))


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Been a half month I'm not blogging anyway. A lot of things happened in that time. Just a quick story, 3 days ago is my super saddest birthday ever. I have no surprise from anyone, no present, and no boyF since i was broke up exact in the evening on 31st march( the time when I supposed to be have a dinner ) :_( poor me, isn't? But don't worry, we're getting back together now :p And hey, I'm turning into 23rd years old now. Yes, supposed to be  more mature and wiser ( hopefully ) cause of dramas of my life is just started. Fufufufu!
Well actually I still not in the right mood to tell all of them. So please forgive my laziness ya *big grind* 
And this post really represented my mood today..
Monochrome. Sometimes your life seems to be like monochrome. Just one color, grey ( with or without black and white ). It looks soooo pale, like you're not alive nor die. Feeling alone in this crowded world. You need to paint your souls. Yes you have to coloring your soul, with your favorite colors. But hey, grey also one of them ( read : color ), huh? 

Below, I'll bombarded you with my self photo, with what people called boring color : Monochrome.
Enjoy ^^

P.S : I coloring my hair into mocha ( treating my self before my birthday ), but i'll show you guys the real color soon ;)



Friday, March 15, 2013

When you've got a good thing

Everybody keeps telling me I'm such a lucky man.
Looking at you standing there I know I am.
Barefooted beauty with the eyes that blue.
The sun shine sure looks good on you, I swear.
Oh I can't believe I finally found you baby.
Happy ever after, after all this time.
Oh there's gonna be some ups and downs.
But with you to wrap my arms around, I'm fine.
So baby, hold on tight.
Don't let go,
Hold onto the love were making,
Cause baby when the ground start shaking,
You gotta know, when you've got a good thing.
You know you keep on bringing out the best of me.
And I need you now even more than the air I breathe.
You can make me laugh when I wanna cry.
This will last forever I just know, I know.

-Lady Antebellum-

Being so obsessed with Lady Antebellum songs lately. And this is one of my favorite ever, because it represent my feeling with my lovely one, S. Yes, he is the good ( even the best ) thing I've got so far. And I wish he'll be the last and forever for me :)

P.s : I'd try to copying the youtube version to this blog, but unfortunately they still don't have the HD quality, so you better youtube-ing by yourself ;) 
My suggestion? hear also their songs : Need You Now ( the famous one ), I Run To You, and Just A Kiss.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Thanks God Its March

Time flies so fast, isn't? I still though just last month i wrote love-sad-story with my EX, posting a lot of things about him, but now, I had a new partner of life :') 
All times I've been passed, means a lot for me. God trying to teach me every single day i lived. 
There's so much blessing I got from HIM. All the bitter sweet comes along that time, and bring me to my-grateful-list-which-I-have-to-share-to-you  :

*Thanks God, I still alive till today, its the GREATEST GRACE from my only one Jesus.
*Thanks God, I didn't waste so many times to crying for my EX. 
*Thanks God, You give me the new ( and hope my last ) partner of life named Simon Angga.
*Thanks God, my family knows about my relationship. And I wish my family could accept him and his family too.
*Thanks God, I've been passed 1 month 5 days with my lovely Simon Angga. I also wish GOD will bless our relationship, I just want GOD controlling our relationship, because HE knows what best for us. My pray till today, I could be forever with him. Yeah, i have a lot of wish regarding my relationship ( maybe will share for the next post ). 
*Thanks God, now I live alone ( not with my parents or even my sister/brother ). Well sometimes with my friend office ( Rahma ). All things I have to managed by myself, from washes clothes *Aaa i miss my mommy! since I always complaining everyday while she washing all my clothes :( I have to buy meals since I still not have a stove or any cooking tools x( I even not have Tv guys! How poor I am >.<
But again, it brought me to the decision that my family choose. All those circumstance make me to have a super big big heart. My life even yours never getting easier, trust me! It will getting harder and harder, but sure, it can be BETTER and BETTER if you could pass it. The question is, how come I ( in my case ) pass it all? My answers : KEEP ON GOING in GOD PATH, STOP COMPLAINING and START BE GRATEFUL in EVERY SITUATION AND CONDITION.
Yes, nothing we could do except be grateful in every condition. I know, it wont change the conditions, but it really works to change your mindset, your mood, your heart, yes, it would make you happier, it would make everything LOOKS easier. It helps anyway. 
And last but not least, 
*Thanks God, its MARCH already! Yeay, the month of my birthday. My month!!! 
I will getting older, and (wish) wiser, and (wish) stronger, and (wish) smarter. 
Do I have so much wishes for this month? OF COURSE! So March, please be the nicest month for me :)


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy ( belated ) Valentine's Day!

No words that I can tell you right now *still in period and had a bad mood, anyway.
I owe you the story yes? Gonna post it later, maybe in our monthversary :D
So all I can write here is, happy (belated) valentine's day for all of you, from me and my boyfie :*


Friday, February 1, 2013

Another SUNday..

I'm back to blogging, yay! After my super-busy-time for moving out from my (rent) house to the temporary room ( in Indonesia called KOST *oh I just googled that words formerly taken from Dutch ). Yes, I finally rent A room for my self. Even still nearby my sister's room. 
Too complicated to be explain anyway *sorry.
So here I am, trying hard to be more often blogging, especially for outfit post :)
This is my outfit for last Sunday, while I went to church..

What I wore : Unbranded chiffon dress (include inner) bought at ITC Fatmawati,
Necklace from  Frezia  , Unbranded tights,  and Amelie from Up 

*My self timer camera mode : ON*

Looking the picture above reminds me about my old rental house. That's my messy bedroom. Yes, blue color not because I love blue, but it could make your room cooler ( i'm sure ). Ah, too much memories there. And I'm going to cry now :'( Gonna miss you my little peace house. It's been 3 years we used you for our shelter. You are the witness of our (sad and glad) stories. You'll be always in my mind, even my bedroom are the suck one, because of the leaky roof x_x 
I still wish I could buy you, someday :')

Last but not least, that picture taken by me, with self timer. So sorry for bad resolution, because yeah, my suck-but-i-loved-to-be-there room is too tight and again messy, only that photo that I could got >.<

And sure, this is the last, this is FEBRUARY baby! Andddd I can't wait for my birthday on March *one step closer :p  .. Oh, I can't wait for valentine also, since on 27 January 2013, I'm officially had a boyfriend *dancing* 
Well, will see what will happened for the next, just wish us luck! :)


Saturday, January 19, 2013

I have a (lot of) dreams

Ps : I write my dreams on the clouds background. There's a meaning why I do that. Because yes, you have to hang up your dream  into the highest sky. Then you have to take more effort to reach them. If you're fall, wake up and walk with extra mile so you could get your dreams in the mean time. 
And oh, that's the real picture which I take while i'm on the beach last Saturday. I just change the tone a little bit :) 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy (belated) New Year!

This video I made exact at the counting down from 2012 to 2013. Yes, I spent my new year eve at my friend ( church ) house. Not to good quality because I still beginner for my digital camera :p
Last but not least, happy (belated) new year to all of you! May God always guiding us through this year 
.. AMEN..