Friday, April 19, 2013

Browny Hair

A bunch of apologized will always be my greetings for this blog. So again, sorry for lack of update :p
Well as my promise before, I just want to show you how brown my hair :D *narcissism detected*
Yes, I finally had a chance to toning my hair into, mmm I don't know what is exactly those color is. 
But there written its "mocha" , I'm not really love the result because actually I want the dark one, but all the color i wanted is none T_T
All right, I will let my photos explain it :)
P.s : All the photos is taken on 31st March, it's on my birthday :") Yes, it's been a month ago and I just got a chance to post it, fufufufu.

*Toilet detected*

@ Pizza Hut

What do you think guys? Did you can see the color? Sorry for bad quality of the picture since it's taken from my old and tired blackberry smartphone >.<
Well, I thought I want to change the color again, since my boyF said I'm following one of his favorite's girlband personel, LOL x))


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