Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Been a half month I'm not blogging anyway. A lot of things happened in that time. Just a quick story, 3 days ago is my super saddest birthday ever. I have no surprise from anyone, no present, and no boyF since i was broke up exact in the evening on 31st march( the time when I supposed to be have a dinner ) :_( poor me, isn't? But don't worry, we're getting back together now :p And hey, I'm turning into 23rd years old now. Yes, supposed to be  more mature and wiser ( hopefully ) cause of dramas of my life is just started. Fufufufu!
Well actually I still not in the right mood to tell all of them. So please forgive my laziness ya *big grind* 
And this post really represented my mood today..
Monochrome. Sometimes your life seems to be like monochrome. Just one color, grey ( with or without black and white ). It looks soooo pale, like you're not alive nor die. Feeling alone in this crowded world. You need to paint your souls. Yes you have to coloring your soul, with your favorite colors. But hey, grey also one of them ( read : color ), huh? 

Below, I'll bombarded you with my self photo, with what people called boring color : Monochrome.
Enjoy ^^

P.S : I coloring my hair into mocha ( treating my self before my birthday ), but i'll show you guys the real color soon ;)



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