Friday, December 28, 2012

23rd December 2012

So this is (maybe) the first time for me to post my outfit.. Not just because I usually use A uniform in my office, but last time i had a problem with my digital camera. Thanks God, I can bought the new one :)

23rd of December would be my nice day.. I had a Christmas celebration in my church GBI ROCK KUTA , we're celebrate with my complete family. Yes, my parents, my first brother with his wife and son, my second sister with her husband and son, it feels so perfect for me #AnotherMiracle.

Black layered cardigans from random online shop,  Blue dress from New Look ( gifted ) ,
Custom made ankle shoes from random online shop, unbranded ring ( which i bought at ITC Fatmawati last year, and now those ring was left in Ayam tulang lunak restaurant after church :"( #CryingOut  ) 

After the church finished, We ( minus my daddy and my brother in law ) went to Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro for lunch. Sorry, no photos there because I'm too busy to eat the "tulang" :)) 
Then we went home. And the next hours, I had an appointment with my best friend ( Icha and Elisa ) to had a dinner at Pizza Hut, unfortunately Icha wasn't come. So I only met Elisa and her friend, Monic.

I'm wearing : White peplum unbranded as a top, High Waist acid washes import from BKK,
and the cutest wedges from UP .. Simple, isn't?
*Well that's in my home, because I didn't get any portrait picture along the dinner :(

Yes, yes, 2 outfit a day :) Kinda show off, huh? Nope, I'm just too excited with my passion of fashion lately :D

Well, I just realize this is 28th December already.. 3 days to live in this year.. Do you have plan already where do you want to spend to celebrate the new years eve? Have you wrote your 2013's resolution?
Me, I still have no idea for the new years eve. Even I already ignored my friends invitation to go to Kuta ( remember about last year #PainfulMemory ) , Maybe I will celebrate the new years eve at my church friends house :)

Last but not the least, wishing you all guys more prosperity, healthy, generosity and blast along 2013 and wishing me will be more post about the outfit for the next year! :D


Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Thing Things

Yehaaaa, I'm back for showing you guys, all the things that I bought/received along this MIRACLE MONTH :')

From Left-Right : Black layered cardigans from random online shop, 
Blue dress from New Look ( which is a gifted from my lovely Elsy ),
My baby Amelie brown from UP , 
White sheer peplum dress from the same random online shop,
Black and Gold flat shoes gifted from my darling Bhieronk ,
Refill for Instax Mini which is i bought from Polaroid Lovers with reasonable price,
And the last one is the happening journals from Go Girl Magz

I could not more happier than this christmas anyway!!! Because, yeah, I bought it all by my self *dancing* 
I'll post the way I dressed from all of them later.. Yes, will be a lot of post this month! Can't wait to share with you guys! *big grind* 


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things That Makes Me Happy

As I told you before, this is December, means this is the end of the year, but beside that, this month will be full of miracle ( I do believe it, indeed ). 
And this post could be the prove that December is a month of miracle and blessings.
Yes, This is about things that makes me happy everytime I remember about it :)
Everytime I feel happy, there's the time I feel that is miracle happened in my life..Do you think so?
I will let the pictures tell you more..

1. Having a super nice dinner with those best babies ( Icha and Elisa )

2. Having really fun with my 2 cutest baby nephew @ Beachwalk

3. Cutting my hair
*if-you-notice-the-different :p because it cutted only around 2-4cm :)) 

4. Got visited from my nice best friend Elsy from Jakarta.
We had fun together, even only for a day :D

5. Celebrate christmas GBI ROCK Bukit with my family
( while i'm on duty as a singer )
@ New Kuta Condotel

And Hey I got ( and bought ) some stuff this December! What a really beautiful month ever!
But I'll post it later, after I get all the stuff :D

Last and the least, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! wishing you have a best christmast ever!
Jesus loves y'all..


Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm Stronger Than Yesterday..

My loneliness ain't killing me no more, I'm stronger.

*I don't know why I remember about the song from Britney Spears, stronger, that could expressing my feeling right now. Therefore I choose that photo also, it express my loneliness covered by the sea~

Yay, today is the first day in December 2012. Yes, December, the end of year. My heart beating hardly. A half feeling is so excited with what will happen in this full of miracle month, and another side is feeling do disappointed with my self. 
We'll go for the bad feeling first ya.. To be honest, I'm starting the year of 2012 not seriously. Not just like another passed year, I always be quiet in my room, thinking about what will be my resolution for the new year, this 2012, I passed by watched fireworks in Kuta with the wrong person. 
Curious who? Go back to my post a few months ago. 
See, I started my new year with the wrong man and wrong place >.< 
For me now, it's ok I be called by "the girl next door" or "a homie girl" which-is-spending-the-new-year-eve-by-locking-my self-in-my room, but (trust me) it would be meaningful for us. 
Actually, I still made a few of resolution (which is written in my binder) , But, it just like a streaking of random though, which is I can't remember why I wrote it. *poor me*
And because of that, a lot of my resolution not getting real. Even yeah, I still have the rest of this December to catch up my resolution (Gosh, can I??). A little bit disappointed with my self :"(
But hey, (again) this is the end of the year 2012!!! I've been passing 11 (really hard) months I ever though. Especially the moment of broken heart. Yaaaay, I've been through it all..
All of this year make the feeling of bittersweet, happiness, sadness, and all of the feeling, comes up into my mind.
My biggest thanks to my Jesus, who made my day by day precious. He's the one who make my loneliness ain't killing me no more. Yes, with my Jesus, I'm stronger than yesterday. And ready to face the rest of this month.
My Jesus, keep guiding me through this end of the year :*


Friday, November 30, 2012

Pirates Dinner Cruise

Finally I have a quality time to write this post. Sorry for my lack updates >.<
Alright, straight to the point. So, on Monday, 19st November, Me and all staff in my office ( Rahma, Ibu Artati and Mas Pam ) went to Benoa harbor to have a dinner cruise called Pirates Dinner Cruise which is held by Sea Safari Cruise . Actually this is one of tour program for group handling at that time. But we ( all Access Asia Holiday staff ) got a fortune to come and join with the group. Yeah, that's the ++ point if you worked at Travel Agency, you'll get many chances to do site inspection, trial product, etc-etc. 
So what is Pirates Dinner Cruise? That's just like another dinner cruise ( which is you having dinner on the deck of ship ) but this time there's an ambience of pirates ( which is all the guests will get the pirates mask, and pirates headband ). Ok, no more bubbling, this is the picture :

This is the group. it's Jababeka Group.
Land Management Division.

Left-Right : Ibu Artati, Me and Rahma

The Phinisi Ship

Our lime uniform >.<

This is Mas Pamilu..

Me and Ibu Accounting :D


The lower deck, place for dinner.

Leaving for Benoa Harbor

The Pirates Crew.

Rahma and Me

One of the entertaining show, Belly Dance \:D/

Buffet Menu

Dinner Time

One of the games.

Well, a little bit information about this cruise, we boarding at 17.45 Wita, we will sailing around Benoa Harbor. During sunset time, the Mc ( from the Sea Safari crew ) will give us an entertainment such as karaoke-ing, or games2. Then around 19.00 o'clock, we will having dinner in second deck. After eat, we go back to the upstairs to have games and fire dance and belly dance show.
And around 20.00 - 20.30pm the shows off, we go back to Benoa Harbor.
As I told you before, that's such a great moment for us because we could having fun together. And the most important thing is we joined for FREE! hahahaha
Anyway, my conclusion is, if you get bored with the scenery in Bali, I suggest you to try this Pirates Dinner Cruise. And if you're group, it will be more fun there!
If you need more information about this ( want to book those Pirates Cruise, probably ), for sure I'm able to give you the details :)

We'll see ya on the next post!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello, fellas!

So this is just a quick post, I only want to share a bunch of (photo) happiness while I meet my best friend. Yes, last thursday, on Islamic New Year holiday, I decide to hang out with some friends. 
We went to Beachwalk ( the most happening mall in Bali, now days ) in the late afternoon just for taking a lots of picture :p ( Yes, silly us ).
No more words, pictures talking..

 From left-right : Elisa , Tika ( Rendy's gf ) and of course me.

In the middle is my best mate Rendy a.k.a Djong

Want to know what they did to me??? They steal my phone, opened everythin in bbm,
and see, who's my latest "gebetan" -________-"


And bonus pict for you :)

I'm wearing : Crayonmono pink dress, unbranded red cardigans,  Bag from Rebellion FashionStore ,
and bali sandals "jepit"

Wishing you have a great weekend, fellas!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Found YOUR paradise in Gili Trawangan..

OMG, OMG, OMG! I've never been excited like this before! Yay, finally I'll post about my sweetest escape to Gili Trawangan. YES, GILI TRAWANGAN! You ever heard about that, right? If not, I will gladly to inform you :)
So, my journey was started from a few months ago, I planned went to Gili on Ied Mubarak's holiday. 
Then, I googled a lot of things about Gili. My planned was for me and my office mate, Rahma which is will dare to go alone by plane, but at the end of time, the plan was just a plan..
But, I still in my obsession to go to Gili. Then I asked my family to go with me. And in the last minute time, I found Clara ( my elementary school mate ) able to join with me. Any happier than this? I guess no.
Then the journey was started from 25 Oct 2012, in the middle of the sunny afternoon, me, clara, my parents, my sis and her hubby and their little lovely son, we went to Padang Bay ( in Karang Asem Bali ) harbor, yes, by motorcycles. We arrived around 5pm, I thought.
Then around 7pm, we're in boat ( or ship? ). The journey to reach Lembar ( Lombok ) harbor approximately 5 hours. Yes, 5 hours shaking by the ship. If you really want to know how does it goes, hmm, for sure, you should try that! It's like you're in kora-kora ( Dufan ). I'm sea sick, even all of my family too. But thanks to antimo and fresh care for being such a effective and useful best friend along my trip. Just like a sponsorship, huh? No, I'm not :p
Actually, the journey of the ship on the ocean was only 3 hours, but we need to waited for queuing at the pier. So this is the picture for the ferry ( ship ) and us.

Don't ask me why my face was so ugly.
As i said, I'M SEA SICK.
And this pic taken for around 1 am ( mid night )

My father, my nephew and my sis.
Still in the ferry, waiting for recline to the pier..


Then, we arrived in Lombok! Yay! I could not more happier than this! We directly went to my family house in Mataram. It takes around 30 minutes from harbor to Mataram kota.
We're slept over in my family house. In the early morning I wake up, because honestly I can't sleep all night long and yet excited for my Gili trip. Thanks to my beloved family in Lombok, they're generously drive me and Clara to Bangsal harbor by car. But my father followed us by my motorcycle, so me and Clara will be easier for the return. FYI, I went with Clara only to Gili Trawangan. My family, stay in Mataram. It tooks not more than 1 hour , guys! We not passed Sengigi, but the other ways. Sorry I'm forget the name of the road, but it's like canyon on the left side and there's a lot of monkey >.< 

This is our ship or boat?

Yes, we're backpacker(s)
From our boat, Gili is in front of our eyes.

Again, we have to passing the ocean.. But this time only takes 30-40 minute. Luckily, the wave was friendly at that time.
When we stepped on my feet to the sand of Gili, my first impression was : "OMG! AM I DREAMING? OMG I'M IN GILI! OMG, THIS IS REAL RIGHT?" Yeah, alay expression. 
Then with our very confident way, we walking straightly into gang to find home stay or bungalow. 
Some of the home stay are full, but again, lucky us, we found the home stay, guess what, the price is only Rp. 150.000/room/night ( yeah, without breakfast and air conditioner ) But worth to lived in.
I thought we could got the cheaper rate, but due to we're too tired and and also excited to looking around, we directly agreed with that rate.
The name of the home stay is LE-FUNK, well, I will share the pic for you. And some more tips, for you which want to backpacking, don't worry about the home stay, because there are a lot of home stay, yes the price is around Rp. 100.000-150.000 ( with fan ) or Rp. 250.000-350.000 ( with AC ). There also available villa/hotel/resort in front of the beach, but I don't know how much it cost, so sorry.
In Gili Trawangan, there's no any kind of motor transportation. Only available bicycle and cidomo ( horse-drawn carriage ). I prefer to rent a bicycle because we can used it all day long. The price for rent a bicycle is Rp. 30.000/day. Most of rental bicycle will offers you price Rp. 50.000, but you could bargain for sure. But it is impossible for less than Rp. 30.000. 

Those are cidomo, people, me and my bicycle.

Right on my back is rumah lumbung, the signature of Lombok.
That's one of the resort in front of the beach.

This is almost the edge of Gili Trawangan.

Look those pretty blue sky and ocean..


The door of the bathroom

The corner is our room for those day.

The key of our home stay.

So after we found the home stay, and rented a bike, we directly surrounding Gili Trawangan. After get tired, we decided to go to swimming in the edge of Gili Trawangan, because the place is more quite.
No more words, let the the pic tells you more.

I can see my hand!!! it tells how clear that sea.

Self Timer.

Hey union jack, you arrived safely in Gili.

The bule(s)

*major love*

my face tanned already.

I haven't any bikini nor swim suit, therefore I swim with hotpants *silly*

my paradise!

After sun burning there, we decide to go around to having lunch. FYI, there are a lot of restaurant/cafe/bar *or whatever those name* with sea side view with quite expensive for me.
Can you imagine price of slice sandwich is Rp. 45.000 goes to?! Sorry to say, I'm an Indonesian which eat a plate of rice and sandwich are not enough for my tummy. And Rp. 45.000 means 3 days of my lunch ration. Ok then, call me stingy. No, my defense is I'm a backpacker :p
Until finally we found rumah makan padang *Thanks GOD, there still available cheaper price for lunch*
Even the cheaper is Rp. 22.000 with not to good taste *wtf *alright, stop complaining girl! It already happened. After we ate, we went to swim again. Well actually we want to rent snorkeling kit but, again, because we're backpacker, we don't have much money for rent snorkeling kit. If you want to know the price for rent snorkeling kit, it is around Rp. 30.000 ( mask and fin ) *maybe a day* Or pay Rp. 80.000-100.000 for snorkeling kit and you will be delivered to 2 Gili's ( Meno and Air ) by boat.
Well, this post will be full by explosive photos, please be advised with me :p

Sun burning + drying our half wet body.

Capturing the bule(s) again

my tanned skins

After got our skin super tanning, we went to home stay. Take a bath, doing some lazy things. Then, went out again *dancing*
That time we went to catch up the sunset still by our bike *dancing, again*
But before we arrive at the sunset point, we transit to buy ice cream. I love those ice cream because there's a lot of flavor. There's so many ice cream corner there, and the SPG was so tempting us with her yell, "es krim nya mbak, sepuluh ribu aja.." .. *please go to google translate then :p
Sunset at Gili Trawangan, I was dream for perfect sunset, but unfortunately we didn't get it.
Too bad, the sunset covered by the cloud. After the sun goes down, we're looking for dinner.
We choose Trattoria cucina italiana for our dinner. Yes, for some of you the price still reasonable, but still for me was quite expensive.

the ice creamssss 

Eat ice cream with this view, any better than this?

The sunset point

silly us

my favorite wings ring from Frezia Fs and my bavette carbonara

from my instax mini..

And that night was over there. After having our dinner, we went to the home stay and slept.
In the early morning, I wake up because of my sister calling me and ask me to off to Lombok that early morning to avoid big wave. *WTF
I even still need more day! I still want to stay in Gili! I still not satisfied. Aaa, I want back to Gili right now! But we can't due to I still have the responsibilities of my job, we ended our sweetest escape in Gili Trawangan :(
With our reckless we went to Lombok by Senggigi route. As my family said, from Bangsal, you just go straight and followed the route until you find the traffic light turn left.
Want to know the beautiful of Senggigi beach? Here they are..

This is our return route to go to Lombok

Yes, beach along the way~

Arrived in Mataram, me, clara and my cousin went to some place called "Suranadi" to eat sate belayak.
Don't ask me made from what those satay, all I know about those satay was SUPER DELICIOUS.
And those are my favorite satay, ever.
Ok, this is will be my last bla bla bla, and spaming the picture.

Sate Belayak. For sure, the satay is cow.

My family.

My cousin house

Last photo is in ferry, on the sea to go back to Padang Bay.

Well that's my greatest vacation ever. Gili Trawangan giving me all sweetest memories. And my promise is, I'll be back there, with my husband-to-be :D
And one more thing, if you guys interested to go to Gili, and need some advice or price, please don't be hesitate to contact me :)

Wishing you have a nice weekend fellas!