Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things That Makes Me Happy

As I told you before, this is December, means this is the end of the year, but beside that, this month will be full of miracle ( I do believe it, indeed ). 
And this post could be the prove that December is a month of miracle and blessings.
Yes, This is about things that makes me happy everytime I remember about it :)
Everytime I feel happy, there's the time I feel that is miracle happened in my life..Do you think so?
I will let the pictures tell you more..

1. Having a super nice dinner with those best babies ( Icha and Elisa )

2. Having really fun with my 2 cutest baby nephew @ Beachwalk

3. Cutting my hair
*if-you-notice-the-different :p because it cutted only around 2-4cm :)) 

4. Got visited from my nice best friend Elsy from Jakarta.
We had fun together, even only for a day :D

5. Celebrate christmas GBI ROCK Bukit with my family
( while i'm on duty as a singer )
@ New Kuta Condotel

And Hey I got ( and bought ) some stuff this December! What a really beautiful month ever!
But I'll post it later, after I get all the stuff :D

Last and the least, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! wishing you have a best christmast ever!
Jesus loves y'all..


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