Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Thing Things

Yehaaaa, I'm back for showing you guys, all the things that I bought/received along this MIRACLE MONTH :')

From Left-Right : Black layered cardigans from random online shop, 
Blue dress from New Look ( which is a gifted from my lovely Elsy ),
My baby Amelie brown from UP , 
White sheer peplum dress from the same random online shop,
Black and Gold flat shoes gifted from my darling Bhieronk ,
Refill for Instax Mini which is i bought from Polaroid Lovers with reasonable price,
And the last one is the happening journals from Go Girl Magz

I could not more happier than this christmas anyway!!! Because, yeah, I bought it all by my self *dancing* 
I'll post the way I dressed from all of them later.. Yes, will be a lot of post this month! Can't wait to share with you guys! *big grind* 


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