Friday, July 29, 2011

About me

After you saw "a little pic of my self" , now let me introduce my self, peeps..
Let's we start from my real name : Ni Nyoman Wiedyastrie
Yes, I'm a Balinese girl. Not really Balinese i thought, because I was born in Jakarta, 31 March 1990, and lived in Jakarta for about 15 years. I got that Balinese name from my Dad, because yes, he's from Balinese but born in Mataram, then lived so long time in Jakarta. And my Mom, are from Karawang ( Sundanese ).
As you read above, yes I'm kinda "Gado-gado" which have a lot of mixing blood in my body -___-"
Therefore *with my very sorry* I can't speak Balinese indeed ( please blame my Dad which never teach me Balinese language ) But hey, I can speak Sundanese fluently, and Betawi language as well, HAHAHA. 
Sometimes I get so proud of my name, but sometimes I become shy of my name. Do you know why? It because I really can't speak Balinese. I only know a little bit vocabulary of Balinese, a little bit about the culture, until I graduated from Junior High School, I moved to Bali. There's so many people mock me, with my Balinese name. *Oh gosh, so sorry. I really can't learn that language easily, therefore, please forgive me >.< And that's be the reason why I'd really feel much better if you call me with my nickname : ACHIE :) 
As simple as myself.
Anyway, I have 2 brother and sister, the eldest one is my brother and the second one is my sister. Well I'm the smallest one >.< 
But it doesn't mean I'm kind a little girl with childish character, no, nothing at all. I'm mature enough, because from I was 9yo, I always stayed alone in my house, because my parents worked, my first brother lived separately from he was in playgroup i though, and my sister rarely at home.
Fisicly, I'm not too tall and tend to short. I have a "sawo matang" skin *really Balinese people* yes, you could see clearly from the picture above. Please leave a comment if you think that I'm pretty enough, so I could respond your kindness with follow your blog, or if you're guy, maybe we could switch our mobile phone number *wink2* LOL!

As I mention above, I ever lived in Jakarta till I graduated from Junior High School then I moved to Bali, following my brother and sister and my parents. It was the saddest feeling ever. Because I'm a Phlegmatic girl, I didn't like changing. I'm not as that easy to adapt ate to the new environment.
But, yes, my life should goes on, right? 
Now I still in Bali, trying to struggling my life here. I worked at one of travel agency named PT. Access Asia Holiday *For some reason, I am pleased to tell you to click2 to the link beside #PROMOTION #FREEADVERTISING :D 
And my hobbies are singing ( hey, now I'm a servant in my church as a singer :D ) even my voice is not too good nor bad enough, I though :D
I do love photography, sometimes I could be the photographer and the other time I could be the model, hahaha sorry for my narcissism. And I love to be the editor also. Yeah, I don't know from where I got that hobby, but it become an obsession for me lately. 
I love travelling also, Guys.. And one of my dreams is travelling over Indonesia, then around the world, amen. I love reading, I love to listening music, I love to watching tv, I'm interest in fashion and design *Even  I can't drawing!!! x) And the last but not least, I love writing so much. So you're will not wondering why I write a full of my curriculum vitae just like i did in this post, right? :D
And just because I'm a introvert girl, I'd like to write everything I feel than I tell to everybody #PoorMe.

At this time, my status still single with qualified specification, LOL! 
I really love to dream. And Me is the one who always believe in GOD's miracle. Everything I do, I bring it back to GOD's will. 
I'm a unique person, and I really hate copycat'ers. I always though we are unique person which is GOD voluntary made us different. So please find your own way, copycat! 
I have a huge sensitivities and tend to be moody sometimes :D
Hmm, it become so long am I? well, if you're dare me with "Please describe yourself with only 3 words" I could only say, I LOVE MYSELF ( just as I am ). 

Ni Nyoman Wiedyastrie A.k.a Achie

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