Tuesday, February 22, 2011

no other that i can say, except confused.

Oh, i hate yesterday..
someone i known as my partner in my office called me last night..
i'm going to sleep on that time, but suddently i shocked when i heard what he said..
he only said "Chie, we changed the scenario.. you have to 'out' first, then i'll out afterwards"
oh nooo!! i'm not ready yet! that's really make me confused..
i have to moved out from my current office which i've stayed almost 3 years?!?!?!?!?!
not easy, and i do scared, what will happened in my new office, *uh well, i'm going stressful now, because i'm not telling you yet the old scenario*
Well, i have ex bos, which already resigned from my office, and he make a new office, also a travel agency..And now he asked me to joined with him..
That's why i am so confused..really hard to decide it..
And tonight is the final conclusion, i'll meet up with my ex bos and discuss about my desk job, my salary, etc..
Oh GOD, i really need YOU to guide me into the right way, please...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

if i were SOKO

Lately i wondering, i haven't cannot sleep in my best time ( at 10 pm or last 11pm ).. Even i came in my bedroom at 10pm, but what i did is listening my 'old playlist' in my 'old mobilephone' ( i need new mobile phoneee!! BB or iphone, please God #cryingout #likealittlebaby )
And the one of my favourite song's is SOKO with title I'LL KILL HER..
Watchout the video, guys!!
and here is the lyric :
So, of course, you are supposed to come tonight.
You are supposed to come tonight.
We'll have gone to the cinema
and after to this restaurant, the one you like in your street.
We'll have slept together,
have a night breakfast together.
And walking about together.
How beautiful is that!
You would have said 'i love you' in the cutest place on earth where some lullabies are dancing with the fairies.
I would have waited like a week or two but you never tried to reach me, no, you never call me back.

[2 sentences]

So, if I find, I swear,I swear,

I'll kill her, I'll kill her.
She stole my future,
She broke my dream,
I'll kill her, I'll kill her.
She stole my future
When she took you away

I would have met your friends
We would have drunk like a drink or two.
They would have lied to me,
'Cause sometimes I'm funny!
I would have met your dad,
I would have met your mum.
She would have said 'please, can you make some beautiful babies?'
So we would have had a boy called Tom, and a girl called Suzanne
..born in Japan !

I thought it was a love story,
But you don't want to get involved.
I thought it was a love story,
But you're not ready for that.
Me neither,


She's a bitch, you know
She's got her blondless
No need a tenderness
She's cleverless.

I would have waited like a week or two but you never tried to reach me, no, you never call me back.


Well, actually i didn't mean anything about this lyric, but i just like the music, so easy listening rite? just like you crabbing bout your life.. i'll try it someday..put in youtube and wishing any some producers will interested with me, and ask me to join with him.. hahaha
And now, i feel like i want to kill someone! rrraawwwrr!
Regards before i kill you,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Think and thought

Its been long time i am not write in my blog..
And now i just have a random quote from my little 'genius' brain, and i wont it miss.. so i have to write it in my blog :D
GOD make it by HIS own way.. even HE doesn't juggled this thursday become friday..but, STILL, HE make a lil miracle for me :) 
*at least that's quote what i've made and published in my twitter
You know why i write these quote? it just because my God, already make a miracle for me..
It happened today, while  my schedule to my office to Ubud.. I really wished not to goes to Ubud ( then i asked GOD to juggled thursday become friday which is kind of impossible thing ), because i feel so bored there.. nothing to do, except tweeting, facebook-ing kind like that, not my prior job..
And then God answers my pray..my director said we're will not going to Ubud as long as we have many jobs to do.. yeay!
Even just A LITTLE MIRACLE, but in RIGHT TIME, i felt it so wonderful, don't you?

i wish u will always have a miracle then!