Tuesday, February 22, 2011

no other that i can say, except confused.

Oh, i hate yesterday..
someone i known as my partner in my office called me last night..
i'm going to sleep on that time, but suddently i shocked when i heard what he said..
he only said "Chie, we changed the scenario.. you have to 'out' first, then i'll out afterwards"
oh nooo!! i'm not ready yet! that's really make me confused..
i have to moved out from my current office which i've stayed almost 3 years?!?!?!?!?!
not easy, and i do scared, what will happened in my new office, *uh well, i'm going stressful now, because i'm not telling you yet the old scenario*
Well, i have ex bos, which already resigned from my office, and he make a new office, also a travel agency..And now he asked me to joined with him..
That's why i am so confused..really hard to decide it..
And tonight is the final conclusion, i'll meet up with my ex bos and discuss about my desk job, my salary, etc..
Oh GOD, i really need YOU to guide me into the right way, please...

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