Thursday, February 10, 2011

Think and thought

Its been long time i am not write in my blog..
And now i just have a random quote from my little 'genius' brain, and i wont it miss.. so i have to write it in my blog :D
GOD make it by HIS own way.. even HE doesn't juggled this thursday become friday..but, STILL, HE make a lil miracle for me :) 
*at least that's quote what i've made and published in my twitter
You know why i write these quote? it just because my God, already make a miracle for me..
It happened today, while  my schedule to my office to Ubud.. I really wished not to goes to Ubud ( then i asked GOD to juggled thursday become friday which is kind of impossible thing ), because i feel so bored there.. nothing to do, except tweeting, facebook-ing kind like that, not my prior job..
And then God answers my director said we're will not going to Ubud as long as we have many jobs to do.. yeay!
Even just A LITTLE MIRACLE, but in RIGHT TIME, i felt it so wonderful, don't you?

i wish u will always have a miracle then!

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