Friday, January 14, 2011

my 20*11 resolution

Awww, it's 2011! Usually, every year, i make my resolutions wish in my binder..
until now i still did it.. i already made in my binder, but now i also have a blog..
i think it is necessary to post even publish in my blog :) 
want to know, are you? please read it carefully..

1. I wish i can rebuild my relationship with Papa J..
My the one and only savior! I wish i could Breath by Pray, Eat by Words of God, 
Walk by Faith, and Live by Grace and Mercy..
I also wish i can be the singers in my church ( servant of God )
2. I really, trully, madly, deeply want camera CANON EOS 1000D or 450D
*God, please read my blog, then grant it!
Well, i really interested with photography actually.. i love to be a model,
but i also wanting to be a photographer..
*i can only provide the internet pict :((
3.After i get my DSLR, i will use it for taking a lots of picture in my journey of life..
Sure, it related with my 3rd wish.. i wish i could go for holiday around Indonesia ( at first )..
Pantai kuta-Lombok
4.I wish i could get my soulmate, my partner in my rest of life..
The BEST ONE from GOD..
I really wanting early marriage..haha!
5. i want to get slimmer!!! now my weight is 47kgs..
and i have a target to reach weight (at least) 40kgs..
i have to diet!!! i have to consume a lot of mineral water!!! and i have to get exercise..
aw, why so difficult??
6. SAVING!!! i have to saving my money from my salary around 100-200K/month.
no matter how it can be..i wish someday i can give it to my parents..
7. I wish i have another gadgets.. i wish i have blackberry, ipod 
and flash disk *hey, i don't have a flash disk yet!!!
8. I wanna take some lesson.. like driving, playing guitar..and have a lecture..
yeah, LECTURE! :-s
9. I have to liquidate my credit motorcycle, this year!
10. I wish i could try the new JOB, find new experience..
i am feeling bored with my job now..
11. Try to be a more mature person 

I think 11-resolution is not too much neither few, but still, needs a lot of spirit, 
much of praying, and many things to do to complete the resolution..

What's yours? i am sure you are also have many resolution.. 
Let's start with pray, doing by effort and ending by giving thanks to GOD and to ppl around you!

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