Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm Stronger Than Yesterday..

My loneliness ain't killing me no more, I'm stronger.

*I don't know why I remember about the song from Britney Spears, stronger, that could expressing my feeling right now. Therefore I choose that photo also, it express my loneliness covered by the sea~

Yay, today is the first day in December 2012. Yes, December, the end of year. My heart beating hardly. A half feeling is so excited with what will happen in this full of miracle month, and another side is feeling do disappointed with my self. 
We'll go for the bad feeling first ya.. To be honest, I'm starting the year of 2012 not seriously. Not just like another passed year, I always be quiet in my room, thinking about what will be my resolution for the new year, this 2012, I passed by watched fireworks in Kuta with the wrong person. 
Curious who? Go back to my post a few months ago. 
See, I started my new year with the wrong man and wrong place >.< 
For me now, it's ok I be called by "the girl next door" or "a homie girl" which-is-spending-the-new-year-eve-by-locking-my self-in-my room, but (trust me) it would be meaningful for us. 
Actually, I still made a few of resolution (which is written in my binder) , But, it just like a streaking of random though, which is I can't remember why I wrote it. *poor me*
And because of that, a lot of my resolution not getting real. Even yeah, I still have the rest of this December to catch up my resolution (Gosh, can I??). A little bit disappointed with my self :"(
But hey, (again) this is the end of the year 2012!!! I've been passing 11 (really hard) months I ever though. Especially the moment of broken heart. Yaaaay, I've been through it all..
All of this year make the feeling of bittersweet, happiness, sadness, and all of the feeling, comes up into my mind.
My biggest thanks to my Jesus, who made my day by day precious. He's the one who make my loneliness ain't killing me no more. Yes, with my Jesus, I'm stronger than yesterday. And ready to face the rest of this month.
My Jesus, keep guiding me through this end of the year :*