Friday, December 28, 2012

23rd December 2012

So this is (maybe) the first time for me to post my outfit.. Not just because I usually use A uniform in my office, but last time i had a problem with my digital camera. Thanks God, I can bought the new one :)

23rd of December would be my nice day.. I had a Christmas celebration in my church GBI ROCK KUTA , we're celebrate with my complete family. Yes, my parents, my first brother with his wife and son, my second sister with her husband and son, it feels so perfect for me #AnotherMiracle.

Black layered cardigans from random online shop,  Blue dress from New Look ( gifted ) ,
Custom made ankle shoes from random online shop, unbranded ring ( which i bought at ITC Fatmawati last year, and now those ring was left in Ayam tulang lunak restaurant after church :"( #CryingOut  ) 

After the church finished, We ( minus my daddy and my brother in law ) went to Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro for lunch. Sorry, no photos there because I'm too busy to eat the "tulang" :)) 
Then we went home. And the next hours, I had an appointment with my best friend ( Icha and Elisa ) to had a dinner at Pizza Hut, unfortunately Icha wasn't come. So I only met Elisa and her friend, Monic.

I'm wearing : White peplum unbranded as a top, High Waist acid washes import from BKK,
and the cutest wedges from UP .. Simple, isn't?
*Well that's in my home, because I didn't get any portrait picture along the dinner :(

Yes, yes, 2 outfit a day :) Kinda show off, huh? Nope, I'm just too excited with my passion of fashion lately :D

Well, I just realize this is 28th December already.. 3 days to live in this year.. Do you have plan already where do you want to spend to celebrate the new years eve? Have you wrote your 2013's resolution?
Me, I still have no idea for the new years eve. Even I already ignored my friends invitation to go to Kuta ( remember about last year #PainfulMemory ) , Maybe I will celebrate the new years eve at my church friends house :)

Last but not the least, wishing you all guys more prosperity, healthy, generosity and blast along 2013 and wishing me will be more post about the outfit for the next year! :D



  1. happy new year!
    wish you have a wonderful year in2013 too!
    waiting for you next outfit :D

    anyway, join my giveaway, would you? :)
    win idr 50.000 gift vouchers !
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    1. Thank you dear :)
      Sorry for delay replying your comments. I thought its too late to follow your giveaway, huh?
      But if you don't mind, maybe we could follow each other?