Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Updates

Hi fellas! Yes I know, its been a long time ago since my last post #CallMeBadBloggerThen. But for your information, I've been through so many things that time. Therefore, to redeem my laziness, I will give you a couple of post today, yeay! Before that, let me explain the quick of my journey along my "silent time"..

This is my photo diary about my sickness at the hospital. 
1. DC from my doctor
2. The result of my blood test ( after 3 days of fever )
3. My hand got so many red dots *DB signs*
4. Finally, 21st of March went to HOSPITAL *my first and last time i wish*
5. I have to shoot my meals after i ate that, my boyfie asked me for that
6. Watching TV alone. almost everyday i spent at the hospital by myself :_(
7. Almost healed. Time for taking pict with my nephew
8. Getting better, look at my face, it's shinner than the days before hahaha! 
9. The best thing of getting sick is, you GOT what you've want. Yes, i want lasagna please..
I know, I'm kinda forgot to tell you that I've been stay at the Hospital around 5 days because of DB ( Demam Berdarah ). It's happened in the middle of March, 21st of march for the exact. You know, I never been so that awful before. My sick list is just flu, cough, or the worst is maag. But that time was the worst ill of my life for sure. I've never been stay at the hospital because of my ill ( except when i was new baby born, i'm a weak baby, doctor ever diagnosed my have a paru-paru basah *which i don't know the English is ).
So that's would be my first and last time laying there. My hemoglobin was only 86 that time ( from the normal is 140-440 ) which is under the average, and its getting lower at the day i went to the hospital ( its 56, wtf !@#$% ). So I've been there for 5-really-suffering-and-sick-and-awful-days because of the infus was really sick, and 2 TIMES A DAY the doctor will take 5ml of my blood, REALLY SICK OF THEM!
The best news is, I GAIN my WEIGHT down for 3 KILOGRAMS everybody!!! *SUPER PROUD*

Went to BALI HAI!!!
I will post in separate post later, yeay!

Look at my recent profile at my Facebook :')
Yes, yes.. I finally decided to resign from my last office PT. Access Asia Holiday , then TRYING and MOVING to hotel. Mmm, that's my really BIG decision, that's also my BIG step which is can change everything in my life ( a new and better level of my career of course ). Sometimes I can't believe what I've done. A little regret comes into my heart, but, I'm kind a 'keras kepala' person. I will hold on into what i'm believe in it. Praise The Lord, I'm still grateful with this decision I took. Why it feels so tough? First, I'm not an easy to blend with new peoples, hard to adaptation person, and enjoy already in the comfort zone.
So the questions comes up to my head, how if the environment was not good as my last office? how if i have no partner? how if the job is boring? how if that? how if this? But, hey, I have to move on! I have to take a little ( OR MORE BIG step ) for better life. To pursue my dream.. 
Now I'm almost 2 months here ( works as Reservation at The Oasis Beach Benoa ) , and I ( have to ) enjoying my jobs here. Even tough, the reality laughing so loud at me. I have to face it, I have to fight for it. 
Well, I still need more energy for that, therefore I need you guys to pray for me ( may God bless you, whom pray for me abundantly ) :')

My love for my BoyFie is getting bigger, even we still arguing sometimes. But that's what they called LOVE, isn't?
Nothing much I could say regarding the last June. Since I still on process to adaptation. Arghhh, it's getting harder but I won't give up! And my love life also. I wont give up on our relationship baby.. God know's we worth ed :')

Chillin with my best best best friend! what a lovely 
Yes, finally, after our last meeting ( on Elisa's birthday on November ) we meet again. With mom-soon-to-be Icha ( look at her 4months tummy, big isn't? ) and the hijab's Elisa. All of us changes guys.. 8 months of living apart, makes us grow older, wiser and 'bigger' :p But the trend mark of us is not changed at all, OUR CRAZINESS. hahaha.. I hope we still could gathering together like before, maybe with her child, her husband and mine :p

Well that's my updates from march till now. I promise will post more. And I hope I will get more followers btw T.T


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  1. Keep posting yaaa.... happy bdayy... so srry telat... abis nyaa situuu ketemu ga nyapaaa.. padahal mw ngucapin...