Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beach Club Cruise by Bali Hai

Tadaaa! Come back with another post ( in a day ) such as a real blogger, hahaha!
So this time, let me show you the fun and memorable activity we've ( read : my office mate ) done last April ( One month before I submit my resignation :p ).
Yes, April ( #BadBlogger ) on 14st, We went to Lembongan Island for free by Bali Hai . We was able to join for the program called Beach Club Cruise , FOR FREE! Did you see I'm wrote, FREE??? Yes, that's totally free for us. Just because we had support them by sending our guest there, we got complimentary plus product knowledge plus product trial for their program, DOUBLE YEAY!
Can you imagine, beach, gold sand, blue sky, clear sea, sunshine all of that things ARE my FAVORITE since I live in BALI. Can you imagine how i felt? #SPEECHLESS
That day, we went to Benoa Harbor by our own motorbike. Me with Rahma, Ibu Artati ( the madam of accounting ) by herself and Mas Pam ( the operation man ) by himself. Don't ask why we went by motorbike, since the program was FREE and if we have to pay, it's around Rp. 625.000/person. Praise The Lord, we got it FREE ( I'd love to repeat that word :'p ). Then until the boarding time ( its 09.00 am if I'm not mistake ) we will cruising with vessel. Okay, no more bla blah, I'll explain by photos below..

Welcoming 'dancer' even they're not dancing at all. You can take a photo with them. It cost IDR 100.000 if you want the original one >.< 

ON BOARD with my partner ( Mas Pam and Mba Artati )

Our breakfast snack ( free! )

Click here, there, here. This is OUR fun man!

It's around 30-45 minutes cruising and it feels sooo bad. #MabukLaut
Therefore I sit there, facing the wind so i didn't get puke :)) 

Arrive in pontoon ( kind a deck in the middle of the sea ) this is the place were another program ( Read : Reef Cruise )  supposed to be.
For Beach Club Cruise, our place is at beach. But we could do another activities such as snorkeling, village tour, banana boat, semi submersible coral viewer, etc. Therefore, we have to move to smaller boat to go to the beach.

Welcome to my paradise, everybody.. We arrive safely :')
Changing into swimsuit and...


This is our lunch menu. Actually its buffet bbq, but forgive me, i'm not taking the pict of the restaurant >.<
The food was soooo good, satisfying! *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
After doing all the activities ( mostly in the sea or beach, which I can't take the pictures due to I have no anti-air cameras ) We went to the pontoon again to prepare to go back.

Due to the semi submersible coral ( ship ) still docking, we just can see the cute fishes there.
The name is semi submarine dock *or whatever the name is
On the way to the harbor

Did my skin get tanned?

with mba Artati

Yeay, it feels so good that I could try those program. That's one of the advantages you get when you're work at the travel agent for sure :p 
You know, I cannot swim at all, I even too afraid to swim. But there, I got private lesson from the life guard there, then he teach me how to breath in the deep sea ( or even snorkeling ), and now I'm more brave for it *call me nekat then. And really nice to see what's inside the sea for real ( for the first time in my life ) and it makes me want to go to Gili Trawangan again and practice the life guard teach me. Kyaaa! 

Well I', off now. Gotta go!
See ya for the next adventures babes..

P.S : If you're planning to go to Bali, I'm definitely recommend you to try those activities ( yes, a bit pricey but worth to try for sure! ) Just click the link above for further information. 



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  2. looks like u had an awesome time! love ur floral skater dress... so pretty! and love the floppy hat too!

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    1. thank you for your sweet comment :') yesss, i want go for cruising again <3

  3. u look super gorgeous! these photos are amazing :D

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  4. Jadi inget naik quicksilver ke nusa lembongan, temen gw pada mabok gara2 kapal nya lompat2 :(

  5. lovely pictures! looks like you had amazing time! x

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