Friday, February 1, 2013

Another SUNday..

I'm back to blogging, yay! After my super-busy-time for moving out from my (rent) house to the temporary room ( in Indonesia called KOST *oh I just googled that words formerly taken from Dutch ). Yes, I finally rent A room for my self. Even still nearby my sister's room. 
Too complicated to be explain anyway *sorry.
So here I am, trying hard to be more often blogging, especially for outfit post :)
This is my outfit for last Sunday, while I went to church..

What I wore : Unbranded chiffon dress (include inner) bought at ITC Fatmawati,
Necklace from  Frezia  , Unbranded tights,  and Amelie from Up 

*My self timer camera mode : ON*

Looking the picture above reminds me about my old rental house. That's my messy bedroom. Yes, blue color not because I love blue, but it could make your room cooler ( i'm sure ). Ah, too much memories there. And I'm going to cry now :'( Gonna miss you my little peace house. It's been 3 years we used you for our shelter. You are the witness of our (sad and glad) stories. You'll be always in my mind, even my bedroom are the suck one, because of the leaky roof x_x 
I still wish I could buy you, someday :')

Last but not least, that picture taken by me, with self timer. So sorry for bad resolution, because yeah, my suck-but-i-loved-to-be-there room is too tight and again messy, only that photo that I could got >.<

And sure, this is the last, this is FEBRUARY baby! Andddd I can't wait for my birthday on March *one step closer :p  .. Oh, I can't wait for valentine also, since on 27 January 2013, I'm officially had a boyfriend *dancing* 
Well, will see what will happened for the next, just wish us luck! :)


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