Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Time!

First of all, I should say sorry ( again and again ) for being super bad blogger now days. 
Aaah, I don't know why, I feel so tired and bored with my job lately. Well I will talk later, after I find what I need. 
So today I want to share with you, about my family. Yes, my BIG family..
Actually this is about my mom birthday, last month ( Oh God, its been a MONTH! since my mom's birthday. Sorry for twice ) 
My mom's birthday was on 27 September, and we got an idea to make a little surprise for her. For your information, we never made any surprise for any member of my family. We're such as a careless family if you see us at the first sight, but Hey! I could convince you that we are not just like you see. 
We have a "very different language to say we love each other" It is cannot be define. 
Then, back to the story. We prepared all the things, such as meals for dinner ( we choose Japanese dishes : sushi and chicken teriyaki as the main course ) then We invited a couples of my family without knowing by my mom. And the surprise was going well. Without any blablablah, here they are, some of pieces of happiness I specially shared for you..

My Mom and my lil nephew.

On the left side, she is my brother's wife ( my sis in law )
and her lil boy ( my second nephew )

Look, my nephew was the busiest at that time.

And, guess who's birthday now?

That time was so great. Really nice to see my mom so happy on that day.. There was priceless to see her smile, and priceless too for us for having a simple dinner with my complete family *HUGGING THEM SO TIGHT*

This is the sushi!!! kyaaa, my favorite are the salmon!!!
Psst, if you want to order them, gladly to inform you,
they're made by order and delivery order for you,
specially lived in Bali Area. Yay!
Like Suka Sushi on Facebook.

This cake was just a requirement.
Because, too bad, the taste was not good :(

And bonus pic for you guys.. Proudly present, my full family.. ( minus my brother in law ( ayu's hubby ) because he's the one who taking these pic. And minus please-come-soonest-my-husband ) :P


Well that's all. Again, happy birthday for my mom. I may never told you, how much I love you.
But for sure, I just want to prove it to you, in the rest of my and your life. I will try my best to give you a bunch of happiness, I promise you

(Again) Sorry for really bad picture resolution, because yes, I still capturing it via my Blackberry.
But don't worry, I will give you the best picture in the couple next post, because, yeay-thanks God-amen, I bought new digital camera (pocket)! 
And my last update, I will off to LOMBOK next week! KYAAA!!! I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!
So, see you peeps!



  1. ah your pics... i miss my family right now

    1. yay! my blog visited by ceka!!! *dancing* coz yes, i'm a loyal reader of your blog :D
      And thanks for your comment :) well, come back soon to Jakarta dear x)