Tuesday, March 13, 2012


"I am not BLACK. Neither WHITE. I'm just MISTY"
Misty, if you see in the dictionary means "berkabut"..  Yes, just like grey.
Maybe you think our clothes, with playful color, the basic is white then the factory will coloring with other color, then voila.. it become pink, green, tosca, purple or etc.
You're wrong. My sister ever told me, the element or the base of fabric is not white, but MISTY.
Nowdays, I feel so numb. Because I have so many problems. I'm compromise with my heart, I got minus for my finance, I got hectic job in my office. Aaa, i'm going to die now.
And in this condition, i have no one beside me. Yeah, I know, I still have family. But, I never share what I felt with them. I'd prefer to share with my friends. But, hell-o, where are them??? I even didn't see them in about (my)- 2 -(difficult) weeks. I feel soooo lonely in this crowded world :'(
could it be worst?! Not to mention I'm in complaining, but as a human, I really feel so tired.
God, please.. 

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