Friday, May 11, 2012

Kupu-Kupu Jimbaran

Been busy about my very best friend wedding a couple weeks ago, finally i come to you via this post :)
Yeay! Did you know, how I miss to write on this blog. Yeah, I still remember a message from someone out there, who always REMIND me to keep posting. Even thought, he always remember my dream while I'm in the junior high school ( read : a writer ) , lovely isn't he? :)
Okay, before I start into mellow mood, let's we start this blog..
On 28th April, I went to Kupu-Kupu Jimbaran Suites to did site inspection ( again ). At the first sight, I'm not too interested with the hotel. You know, they didn't have a big parking for cars, but, after I entered the lobby, 
I'm definitely SUPER LOVE the hotel, sure! Look into their lobby..

That giant of wayang is used for partition, which is super great idea!
Then, after wait not so long, we met Bapak Pande, the person who was in charge to accompanied us to site inspection. 
Did you know, there are so many a little things i love there. The lamp, the architecture, which is very traditional but looks so unique and awesome. I'm sure you can't imagine how beautiful is it, here they are, with my very proudly present..
( For sure, there will be many photos here, watch out! )

That's "kurungan ayam" reuse into lovely lamp
with a pot of flower <3

Wall of Frame - connector between the lobby and the chocolate resto

Cute lamp at the Lobby

Actually, there are many things which I can't captured because Pak Pande already leave me -___-"
Such as "Kandang Babi" which is reused into lamp, and etc2. Sure, this is my recommendation if you need to stay in Bali, and get bored with Kuta ambience, pick Kupu-Kupu Jimbaran! 
The location actually not beach side, but not too far if you wanna go to the beach. It's location is on the main road of Jalan Uluwatu, Jimbaran. Not too far from Jimbaran seafood restaurant. So strategic.
Not too big hotel, because they're just like suite ( which is bigger than room in another hotel, and have a living room ). The hotels contains of 15 units of Muaya Duplex Suite, 8 units of Uluwatu Suite, 3 units of Jimbaran Family Suite and 2 units of Balangan Suite. 

Muaya Duplex Suite
We could only see in the Muaya Duplex Suite due to another category are occupied at that time.
Yes, duplex means have 2 floor. In the first floor usually the living room and the second floor are bedroom, but in that photo, the bedroom is on the first floor and the living room on the second floor. Look that floor! Yes, that's from wood.  Look that "bathroom" , there's no partition even a wall to divide the "bed"room and the "bath"room. It is only a curtain there. So that's dry bathtube, which is soooo cool! But don't worry, you also could take a shampoo and do really wet with standing shower in the right side :) uber cool is it?

This is also on the second floor, super nice decoration, isn't?
And, the last, there's swimming pool in the roof top. And 2 restaurant which open for public also, and could be use for breakfast too.

The Roof TOP Swimming Pool ( in front of Muaya Duplex Suite )

Chocolate Cafe

D'topeng Restaurant

Japanese restaurant in the other side, which I forgot the name -_-"

Not only that, there also have BEACH CLUB! Yes, just because Kupu-Kupu Jimbaran not located on the sea side, don't be sad, Guys.. They have beach club in Muaya Beach. And it's free shuttle from Hotel - BC - Hotel everytime you want it. Just ask the receptionist, and the boogie will deliver you safely :)
At the beach club, you could relax, sunbathing, swimming, suitable for lunch and dinner too. 
Ah, I'm super in love with that hotel! Really love <3 And I wish, someday I could stay even for a night there. *Boss, please read my blog.. :)) 


This is the beach club :)
See??? Great isn't??? For the price, as I see in my price list ( for Asia Market ) it is around US$ 180/room/night for Muaya Duplex Suite. Quiet expensive, but, look at above, really worth ed for me :D
*For more info, you could click the link above ( with underline word ) or contact me in this blog :)

See ya, on the next post everybody!

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