Friday, May 25, 2012

YOU're still my sunshine

Yes, you are still my sunshine.. No matter how much rain dropped, you still there..
Shinning me in another way. And I still feel you.
You never hide, only the clouds glad to covers you.
No matter how dark the night covering my world, you still there, shinning another place..
People said you're up rise from east and drowning to the west, but in fact, you're never moved, but the world spinning near you.
You're the one which make us wake up in the morning.
You're the one we loved in the afternoon.
And you're still be the reason for me to thankful to your creator.
You shine beautifully and coloring my world.
You shine perfectly to give us the energy to live.
Sometimes you shine so bright and I close my eyes from you, let my hand cover me. It doesn't mean I careless of you. I still need you in my every single day.  
"Dear sunshine, don't you ever leave me in this dark world.. I really need your shine to bright my day..I'm so in love with you.. sincerely, your freak secret admire"

**Photos taken from my blackberry, a little finishing touch with picmonkey. Location : Pantai Muaya, Jimbaran. 17 May 2012**

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