Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recent Updates

Wohooo! It's been a long time I didn't update my blog :( *Please forgive me*
But today, this is just a quick post. Because I still have no idea what I supposed to write :p
Just recent updates of what's going on with me lately..

Explanation :
A. I cut my bangs ^^ 
I got inspired from serial Tv "New Girl" a.k.a Jess ( the actress ) in Star World ch. 156 =)

B. Hey, did you know what pic is that? It's called BPKB.
Yesss. That's my OWN! well I don't know what in english, but that book is describe about your motor-cycle/vehicle. Finally, I pay off my credits of my mio =) *with my OWN money, from my sweat after work for almost 4 years* How proud I am <3

C. That's my schedule of servant in my church.
Yay, finally! I could finishing my target slash resolution slash dream *or whatever you called it* ( again ).
I'm a singer now *Big Grin* Even my voice not as good as a real singer, but I'm sure GOD loves my voice so much, even more than lady gaga voice, I guess. He loves my heart and soul too, because my voice represent them =) 
Hope will going well then. 

Well that's what happened in me in about last month. With proudly I announce, I've been reached a couple from a lot of my resolution this year. Aaa, how I love my life <3
And the best news is, I still have 5 months to reach all of my resolution. Yay! Please wish me luck! =)


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