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This post I dedicated to my super love best friend ( in Bali  ) Elisa and Icha ..
We've been met from the first time I came in into senior high school. I met both of them. 
And we become so close after we graduated on 2008. Then this is the story begin..
*I will tell you from the tons of picture below..*
*Please bear with me, sure, because I really miss them, sooo muchhh!!!*
*Caution, the damage of your eyes caused by all of the picture below is out of my responsibility :p*

Left-Right : Elisa, Icha and of course, Me.
Look at our "Jadul" face -__-"


From this picture, we named our gank became : Genk Gocenk.
Ps : Gocenk is one of the menus from KFC :P

It is around Sep 2009 *if i'm not mistake*

via webcam

@ KFC Jimbaran (again until next 6 photos, please don't close my blog)

I don't know what I supposed to edit *clueless*

Photo studio @ Jazz Photo Studio 

Jazz Photo Studio edited by me

Icha's 20th birthday
*in the really early morning, we came into icha's house and bring her to the beach, perfect!
And those of our "inner beauty" #MukaBaruBangun

This is the night party in Ranaka Villa

@ Mangroove, photograph by Edward Djong

18 Sep 2011

05 May 2012

If I could count, we have been 4 years together. We're so close. We always share EVERYTHING even the worst sins we have done *secret* Sometimes we go out, to the beach only for taking photos, sharing, make jokes or even laughing at the absurd people around us, eat and many more.
We're truly different. Icha is the boyish one. She's friendly but a little bit "ignorer" person. And Elis is the sexiest, but she is the wise one. And me? I'm the smallest, they always called me with "bocil" . They also call me the creative one, the moderator :p 
We have been passed many things : problems, happy moment, laugh, cry, truth, lie, love and hate too.
I really feel they're the best person that GOD gives to me *thanks God* I really blessed with them beside me.
As I mentioned above, now I really miss both of them.. It's been 2 months since the last time I met them.
Last time we met is when ICHA WEDDING. Yes guys, Icha married!!! I though I ever told you before ( on my birthday post ). I promise will post the wedding party soon *really sorry to forget to posting here :'( #BadBlogger #BadFriend X(
Actually, because of her marriage, we never meet again *so sad* yeah, I know about the privacy and the privilege Icha and her husband. Aa, I though young marriage will be great, but I changed my mind :)))
And Elisa, she's too busy now. With her boyfie. Yes, I'm alone now. I'm a single one ( the one who don't have any bofie yet )*crying out* 
You know, we ever dreamed about our future. When we have boyfie ( each of us ), we will hanging out for triple date. And then, we get married one by one, then in the next trip, we will be with our husband. And the next time, we will gather together with our children. Aaaa, that's sweet, isn't?
But the fact is different. After Icha get married, she so hard when I asked to going out. Even Elis too!
Elis not married yet, but her boyfie always forbid her to going out with me. And in another time, her boyfie join with us *which is so suck. How come I tell my story if there's any another boy. It strange you know?*
Not only hard to meet, we also rare for sending text message each other, WTH! Almost every one week, I send text message to them, but only Elis who replied. Icha, rarely. hikssssssss.
Now, I really want to meet them again. I want that time fly back :( I wish I could :(

Anyway, I already sent text message, but they didn't really concern about our friendship.
I know, both of them never read my blog. They even didn't know I have a blog, because *sorry* they're a little bit oldies :p But, I wish they really know, HOW I MISS THEM.

This is the last time we met. on ICHA'S WEDDING look our craziness, huh?!
*Sorry for blurred photo, i take it with my bb*

*All photo taken from my facebook, therefore the resolution are small. Due to I have no one our photo in my office laptop :(


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