Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wish Me Luck!

Hmm,  I'm a really big fans of miracle. Yes, I do. Therefore I often joining or following giveaway from another blogger. Many times I tried, and there's so many times also I failed #PoorMe. But hey, there can be miracle when we believe, pray for it, and the most important thing, we do effort too :D So here it is, I'm joining a new giveaway from one of my favorite blogger Wynne Prasetyo -  Fashion Geeks Closet sponsored by Pile of Thread *hey you could see clothes, tops, bottoms with hi quality fabric there, believe me! And now please wish me luck, Peeps! If I fail again, please forgive me, I will not give up, and you may will see many post regarding giveaway information :D


*And oh, if you interest to joining that giveaway, be my competitor with double click HERE , and follow the rule! Gracias!

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