Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy ever after, Icha!

As my promise long time ago *again, please forgive me to give you a late post. Just because I got a sweet escape three passed day ago #Dancing. Here they are.. This post made specially for my best friend, Icha..
She got her wedding! Her perfect wedding, with her love boy. Aaa, it so make me envy till max *give me a gun, please...* Yes, 19 May 2012, finally Icha held her wedding, after a super long love journey. 
I do felt so happy for both of them, honestly.
And this is the picture, guys *because nothing word i could say anymore. I'd like to burying myself due to jealousy*

This is the invitation. Yes, I made it by my self, specially for them  *love*

Me with Elis
The wedding blessing *or whatever the name is*

Putting the ring each other

Me beside their wedding cake :P

fyi : the boy on the right side of icha is someone i even don't know him.
I just borrow him for a minute, LOL x))))

The girl with blue dress is Revi, my (old) best friend.
Before we're friends with Elis, Revi was me and Icha best friend.


*Oh well I'm so mean. I know him. He's Icha's brother friend.
We met there and he came alone, so why not? ;D
FYI : I have his bbm contact, but I never chat with him.
Ok, escape.

And, for the extras, I give you a special posting, again. Yay! This is about Icha's birthday on 19 August. I'm a little bit confused about what I should give to her for her birthday present, due to, you-know-what-i-mean she already become a wife. So I decide to give her a simple present, cupcakes! Elisa told me that I ever give her birthday cake, 2 years ago, a brownies made by my self. But now I don't want to make it, I'm too lazy lately *forgive me*
And this is also the reason why I delay my post about her wedding. It's because I wanted to post on the date of her birthday :D So it could be 2 big beautiful moment #MajorLove.
So on independence day, I went to Denpasar accompanied by Elisa to searching birthday cake.
And actually we planned to give her surprise, but on that day, Elisa having Ied Mubarak so the plan was just a failed plan #Pffft
So I went there alone. Just for give her the cake, and this is the picture, enjoy!

Those three girls represent of us.

Cupcake from Cupcake Company

Icha and her hubby

Deeply apologize for those bad background.
There are Icha's temporary house, called  KOST.

Do you really think we're just like twins?
Everybody who knows us, always said we're have similar face, are us?
Happy birthday, Cha.. I always wishing you a bunch of happiness for your little family, a jar of wisdom for you to face this cruel world, a cup of mature and wise for you to be a wife and future-mom, a thousand of people who love you so much ( especially me ) will be beside you, in every precious time. Wishing you live happily ever after, Cha, as our wish. Last but not least, wish you a super great birthday, dear! *A SUPER BIG HUG OF MISSING YOU AND A TENDER OF KISSES WHICH LOVE YOU FROM ME* *I wanna cry now :'(
I wish in the next year, on your birthday, if we still have time together, you already have a baby, and me already have a husband, BIG AMEN :)

And another extras, again! *Drum rolls*

 MY NARCISSIST FACE ε(ˆ​​​​⌣ˆ‎​​​​ʃƪ)з ε(ˆ​​​​⌣ˆ‎​​​​ʃƪ)з ε(ˆ​​​​⌣ˆ‎​​​​ʃƪ)з

P.S : I'm really sorry for super bad resolution of all those photos, it's just because that was taken from my blackberry since my digicam sick 1 years ago :__(



  1. Congrats to your bestfriend :) what a beautiful wedding :)
    visit my blog : putripasaribu.blogspot.com

    thanks :)

    1. Thank you dear Putri :)
      I've visit your blog and nice blog anyway :)
      keep posting ya!