Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Late Saturday

Ah, I'm going so busy nowdays. I even don't know what is my main job now. Sometimes I make reservations for room hotels, I do make a reservation for my own optional guests, I make reservations for flight ticket too and now I have to handle ticketing for small group, Oh My God, give me bigger brain to accommodate all of this and that things. Oh well, give me a heart which could stop complaining now. 

Anyway, there's always a great time to escaping my boring world..
Yes, last Saturday, after worked, I went to salon with my friend Rahma . Well I just accompanied her to did hair cutting. Then, we went to my favorite place, yay! That's Lotus Groceries  which is serving gelato ( kind of ice cream but a little bit heavy so could make your tummy full, and hey, I just googling that gelato is low fat. Aaaah, how I love gelato♥ ) named J-Bay. There are a lot of flavor like vanilla, cookies and cream, choco fudge brownies, minty, caramels, tiramisu, etc. And for the price it is Rp. 18.000/cup/cone. Not too expensive if you have try the taste. Yes, I'm a big fans of their gelatos. 
Do you want to see them? I'll give you for sure..

The flavor of their gelato. And it change almost everyday.
Their so tempting, huh? That pict I take from foursquare. So sorry because I'm forget to take a pic of their flavor while I eat there. I'm too busy to picking my flavor :D
But, I still have my own picture, yes, my narcissistic picture, hahahaha *evil's laugh*

Each cup got 2 scoop with different taste,
and mine is tiramisu an choco fudge  brownies as the top :P

This is my new best friend, Rahma :)

Taste of the art 

Look at there! a million bottles of wine!
Yes, they're sell wine and others american foods just like on the board.

And you know what, the place is quite good. Not much people know that place. Some of them mostly are foreign and well I feel comfort there. Guess what, I've been there alone a few months ago, just for eat gelato, hahaha!
Alright, I'm going to starving now and aaaa, I want Jbay!!! 
Gonna catch you up, an hours later. I promise will post more restaurant review or my daily activity soon, but I have to do group booking first :D

See ya!


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