Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wish Me Luck #2 !

Tadaaaa! I'm back again! And hell-yeah, if you notice my title, that would be my second chance to joining giveaway!!! *dancing-dancing* Please don't call me giveaway hunter ya? :p 
Just because ms Jessica from Phoskinny held giveaway which is sponsored by my favorite brand Auburn & Ginger of course I can't resist to join. Sure, it is very long time ago I felt in love with Auburn & Ginger collections. There's a lot of chiffon, lace, flowery pattern, aaa I love them most!
Here is a sneak peak of their collection :

Look those cutout on the shoulders!!! it is simply cute <3 td="td">


That's the tops which is the present of the giveaway, cute isn't??? 
Now, please pray for me, to get the chance to winning this giveaway #CrossedFinger 


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