Monday, November 29, 2010

feeling blue

Gosh! i really don't know how i felt a few days ago.. well, also today..
i just broke up from my relationship with my "junior high school" friend..
Then, i feel my heart so bluuuuee and i have any clue to fixing my heart :(
before we'd broke up, everytime i remember HIM *well, i attached his that means i still thinking of him?* i always pray for him.. i prayed for our relationship.. i have big hope for my relationship with him..
I let my self sleeps too tight, dreaming too much, then while i waked up, i realize it just a dream.
I am desperately in love! and i even disappointed with God.. 
Hey, i prayed for him, i prayed for our relationship, but God not answer my pray, and he broke it all!
give me a reason to do not disappoint!!! 
But, i tried to moving on.. i should moving on! i prayed again to God, wish Him not angry with me..
and ask Him to fix my heart. because i couldn't fix it by my self.
I don't ask God to filled in my heart with another person. I only ask God to coloring my heart with another color.. 
Let Him works by His way.. and i just surrender to Him..

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