Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~heaven knows~

...Maybe my love will come back someday, only heaven know~
Maybe our hearts will find any way, only heaven know~
All i can do is hope, and pray, coz heaven know...

Ah, i'm not in mentioning my memorize about my ex (again), but surely, i love this part of the lyric from Rick Price.. It looks like someone in desperately in love, because they're broke up or separate in long distance or they think they can't keep defending their relationship and one of them still in love..
But he/she surrendering his/her future to GOD, that's why he/she said whether his/her love will come back, or maybe the harder part, they're will find another way a.k.a broke up, only Heaven that will be know..
Yaaa, i'm agree with this song.. We as a human, only could hoping, praying and do the best thing, but only GOD in greatly Heaven know what we should get. Because sometimes, what the best in our mind, it DOESN'T mean will be best for us.
But sure, heaven will always know :)

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