Saturday, April 16, 2011

my 21 wishes

Is that much? i have much wishes, but i still not counted.. is that more than 21 or less? i'll make it into 21 anyway.. because 21 is my age for this year =) At my last birthday on 31 March, i haven't any wishes yet. even a cake with candle on it, i didn't got it.. And since my broke-up-that's-make-me-so-desperately, i felt i didn't have any wish except a new heart. Yeah, i want and need a new heart, made from steel so no one could break it *i already posted on my blog last time*
But now, i feel like i have to move on from all of this shit problem..i feel like i got a new power to stepped on..yeah, sometimes i still looked at my past, but then i go away..( wish me luck, peeps! )
I do have my own wish.. my future..Surely, i want to write it down, so i could read it could be encourage me to make it true :) here they are :

#1 I really want buy a DSLR camera. a canon, maybe 1000D, or 450D.

#2 I really want aside my salary AT LEAST 10% to be saved.

#3 I want to spend my money for some investment.. like buying some gold *that's teaching from my mom :)

#4 I want buy some new mobile phone, from my own money ( as usual ).. i haven't decide which one, maybe BB gemini, soner vivaz or samsung galaxy

#5 I have to make a passport!

#6 I have to go to Singapore or another country this year, only for vacation.

#7 I will assist my bff regarding her financial problem.

#8 I have to be blessed in my office.. make my new office evolve.. search new customer, probably.

#9 I want to liquidate my credits for my own motorcycle this year. i have to!

#10 I want to start attendance for my church, as a singer.

#11 I will taking care my blog, will be often to write blogpost EVEN NO ONE WILL READ IT.

#12 I will try to make a video clip, or covering some single -follow-the-steps-from-briptu-norman-or-sinta and jojo-which-is-famous-because-of-lypsinc-a-song-then-uploading-into-youtube *LOL

#13 I wanna go to Jogja to meet my best friend, if possible on July. Then we go together by train to Jakarta. Sounds great, yeah?

#14 I will REbuild my relationship with GOD, nowdays. i'll be focuss. i'll change my love to "person" become to GOD.

#15 I will make over my self, with a little bit blondie-long-hair :p

#16 I want take more responsibilities in my house. even a small things.. but maybe much about money.

#17 I want make over my bedroom also. which is the roof are broken, i have to put 2 bucket on the floor while rains goes down :(

#18 I don't know why, lately i thought i want to work in the kinda wedding organizer.. kinda crazy me, ya? but, really cool while you see a couple marriage happily, with gorgeous wardrobe, a huge building, a lot of flower everywhere. ah, that's great..

#19 I want buy a fixie bicycle, maybe will be one of my new hobby :D

#20 I want to collect shoes. i think i'm in love with gorgeous shoes. high heels and wedges actually.. remember my height was not too high :(

#21 I am sure, i want to buy a new house for my parents, no matter the way, I still believe GOD knows what i want.

Yeay, finally i know what i want. I finished my 21 wishes. actually they are randomness..
the number 1, doesn't mean that's my first priority. I just write what is on my mind ( because sometimes i forgot it, poor me :p )
And some of them, are simple wish. some again are too-high wish, but still, i believe, when there's a will, there's a way..
I'll keep praying and doing my best as well :)

And i hope in this year, i could make it all comes true.
Wish me luck, peeps ^^v

Ms.A Lot of Dreams and Wishes,

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  1. bnykk jg yaaa hobii nyaaaa..... hahahhaaa.. fxiee u hobby??? hahahaha