Wednesday, April 13, 2011

love song's or voice of broken hearted?

Haha, i don't know why, i'm currently love to sing a song ( 'karoke' in my birthday ) or just listening music ( from hardrock, pop, r n b, until bollywood-thanks-to-briptu-norman-and-all-of-tv's-who-always-blowing-up-about-"chaiya,chaiya,chaiya" to introducing me with that song --" )
Yeah, from my last broke up ( curcol "lagi" ) i like to listening music.. Because i think listening music and sing it with loudly voice will make me feel free.. make me like i'm cursing somebody.. or it song represent my heart voice or something, haha..
Well, this is my "lagu wajib ada" in my winamp :

1. Ignorance - Paramore
...Well, you treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out..

YEAH, i love this song, since i heard at the first time when JP millenix perform in IMB, then i'm googling and download a lot of paramore song's, suddenly, i <3 all of their song's.. The most at all, is this song..
This band are so rawks, i love the upbeat, and everything on it. And this song's (maybe) tell about insurgency.
Which is somebody treat you like you are a stranger, and you didn't think you are, so you better go from them.. I DO.. i felt like 'he' treat me just like a stranger, but the problem is not "i guess i'll go" but, he go from me..(curcol "lagi") huhu, so sad, huh?

2. I Can Do Better - Avril Lavigne
I couldn't give a damn what you say to me
I don't really care what you think of me
cause either way you're gonna think what you believe
there's nothing you could say that would hurt me..
I love this part so much.. Hey mr.PJ, i couldn't give a DAMN what you say to me! i never be beside you AT LEAST AT THE MOMMENT. but you never give me a chance to prove how much i love you. so you are SUCK, you know? i'm better off without you, anyway..
And all of the lyric's are greaaat! i always sing it while i'm in my bathroom, and i do this with *Marshanda style*
haha, make me like a stranger ya? but, really make me feel soooo satisfied \m/


3. Sang Mantan - Nidji
...Mana Janji manismu? Mencintaiku sampai mati,
Kini engkaupun pergi, Saatku terpuruk sendiri
Akulah sang mantan, Akulah sang mantan
Yapp, my winamp just like my heart, soooo random.. sometimes they so upbeating, and 3minute after that, change into mellow and slow..
If i have chance to meet him, i'll sing this song in front of his face.. where is your promise to loving me till you die? You're such a bullshit..


4. Nothing Last Forever - Maroon 5
..Everyday, with every worthless word we get more far away
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay
But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe
It hurts but it may be the only way..
Oh my, i really just realize the LYRIC is just same with my experience.. *how stupid i am, didn't know what does the lyric say --"
Yep, as maroon says, everyday with every worthless word we get more far away.. the distance between us makes it so hard to stay..
*i still remember (kurang lebih) his sms : minggu ke senin, senin ke minggu, kita cuma kaya gini2 aja.. mau sampai kapan? km bukan anak kecil lagi kan 'yang' yg slalu bermimpi menikah, bla bla bla..
and his another sms : mau sampe kapan kita berlindung dibawah kata serius? kita beda agama, ga mungkin nikah beda agama kan? pasti slh satu harus ada yang ngalah.
And now, maroon 5 agreed with him. poor me.. Actually i'm just want to prove to everyone, that our love could guide us to our way..But, yeah..finally, GOD want us to go to HIS way :(


5. Bertahan - Rama
...Meski kau terus sakiti aku, cinta ini akan selalu memaafkan,
Dan aku percaya nanti engkau, mengerti bahwa cintaku takkan mati..
Anddd, honestly, i feeling so hurt while he told me that i like a little girl, i'm not mature one, blablabla..
and the second, if i could flashback, he asked me to "rebuilt our relationship" in the early march, and his sms is : ya serius, klo ngga ngapain aku ngajak balikan klo akhirnya nt aku nyakitin lg! aku terima km apa adanya, lagian jg aku ga mnta apa2! dari kemarin tuh jg bukan aku ga sayang, tp aku ngerasa blm tepat aja! Tp skrg hatiku mau sm km..
SEE, this is make me hurt twice. and, what he says after we broke up at 25 march? *the sms above*
but just like the lyric above, even you hurt me many times, my love will always forgive and i believe someday you will understand that my love will never end ( terjemahan bebas a.k.a mengarang bebas ) *what icon i should put in here???


6. Heaven Know - Rick Price
...Maybe my love will come back someday, only heaven know
Maybe our hearts will find any way, only heaven know
And all i can do is hope and pray, coz heaven know..
My lasts song, after i cursing Him, and swearing will let him go, then i come back to remember him, forgiving him and ended by hoping him comes back to me.. ( the most impossible things i ever thought, even GOD could do it, i trully believe GOD will never do it ) because he is not mine.. i think i made not from his back bone.. but why my heart still loving him, GOD??? I believe Heaven know :)

*** actually there are still many songs that representate my feelings, but, i have no time to blog it.. i still at my office ( it's 18.11 ) still waiting time to pick up my niece at her office..

I'm sorry, goodbye..

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