Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear my lovely God

Dear God,
I don't know how to comunicate with you lately. i feel my pray is only hanging up in the sky, not heard by YOU. yeah, i know that's only my feeling coz you knows everythings, even my future rite?
God, i really miss you. I know this is trully my fault. You never leave me, but i leave You. I'm so stupid, ya?
I fall in love with some guy ( not from You ) ( for many times ), then i forget You.
After i broke up ( again ), i'm so much desperate, i feel like i wanna give up, i feel like my world is goes crumble. I felt like i lost everything. And again, all are my fault ( i knew it ).
I'm sorry God, i didn't follow your way. i choose my own way, then i lost in my way *crying out*
I'm sorry God, i only use my own brain, not yours.
I don't know are You wanna accept my apologize or not, but i hope so.
I'm nothing without You, God..I just want come back to You, but i don't know which way. It is too dark, God.. Please show me the way, God.. Please.. *i'm begging You*
Please give me a brand new heart, maybe made from steel or something ( not the fragille one ).
Please give me Your holy spirit, to guide me to stepped into Your way ( only your way/the truth way ).
Please forgive me, forgive all of my ignorance, my stupidness, my fault.
Please give me your amnesty.. *oh look, i asked first then i do apologize *this is my second fault --"
I hope you read these letter God, and start to forgive me and fulfill my wish..
i wont wishing him again, God.. i just wish i could come back to You. I just wanting to placed in Your courts.
Flying high like an eagle, passed the storm with You. I will never thinking about who's will be my husband, i'm just surrender to You.. Because i believe, You are the only one who know which, and who the best for me..

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