Friday, September 16, 2011

at the edge of runway~

Yeaaaay, finally i fulfill my promise to you blog..
I wanna post my photo at the beach last sunday..
Just enjoy it :)

first scene : still neat.

why you wearing a sweater to go to the beach, huh?!
It's because the wind tooooo tight! sure.

candid from my sister
aaa, my hair lil bit brown :)

lalalalalala~ *i hv no comment for my pose here* :D

Wind, wind, wind..

i write my name on it.

nice angle, sist!

did you see the beautifully sunset there?


Actually there are so many object to be captured, but i didn't bring any cameras or mobilephone.. so i borrow my sister mobilephone..
Why i love that beach, it's because located at the edge of the runway.
Yes! runway for NGURAH RAI AIRPORT.  So i could see the airplane clearly in front of my eyes.
I could see them landing and take off.. Cool isn't?

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