Monday, September 5, 2011

OPI Giveaway Sponsored by DuniaKutek

Guys! after i decide to manage these blog and be a blog walking, i have been joining many giveaway lately.
But unfortunately i never win any giveaway yet. huhuhu!
But i never give up. I will try again, hahaha! Just like Albert Einstein did o:)
And this is the giveaway i joined now..
Let's try this! just click-click the link below *with pink font , and follow the rule..
If you're lucky, you will get an OPI! yeaaay! you want too, don't you?
i've been want that nail polish a looong time ago *super excited*
So now, pray for me and wish me luck! #crossfinger
These giveaway promoted by Stella Lee and sponsored by Dunia Kutek
OPI Giveaway Sponsored by DuniaKutek

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