Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i LOVE you, BEACH!!!

AAA, i dunno why, i never refuse if someone ask me to go to the beach..i even would be very glad and super excited anyway.. Yeah, not just because i stayed in Bali ( which is an island surounded by the beaches ), i already in love with beach from my childhood..
I though beach are the coziest place i known.. Place you can feel the sun shine brightly, Place you can layin' on the bigest and comfy bed (sand), Place you can see the true colours of the sea, Place you can hear the wind singing, Place you can playin' with the wave, Place you can swimming or even diving with all of the fishes surround you, Place you can redeem your stressfull, bad mood, even happiest moment, or maybe will be the Place you can find the "bule" with bikini's or surfing pants and white cream ( which is they called with sun block ) on their nose bring a surfing board then ask your name and a few days later he/she is already be your girl/boy friend :D
Yeaaaah, for me, there's no place better than BEACH, if i need to "breath" or "break" from the fVcking world..
Sooooo, will not as long as these speech, i will tell you from the photos i have at the beach ( my private collection ).. here we go..

I'm forget, when i take these photo..but surely, this is at Nusa Dua Beach

Could you guess where is it at? yes! KUTA BEACH.. the most famous beach ever!

aaa, my long hair.. @Pantai Muaya-Jimbaran ( Near by Nyoman Cafe/ Bali bombed blast 2)

That's wave! @Tanah Lot

@Tebing Uluwatu.
if you think will suicide, please kindly come to that place.. i guarantee you will gone forever.

@Blue Point. This pic, not describe how cool and beautifull the beach..
Actually this is the "deck" are on the high cliff. yeah, CLIFF.
And I a lil bit scared while standing there..If there's no hand staircase, you will be freely falling into the wide ocean.
And please believe me, those deck cliff are SHAKING! due to heavy wave hit those cliff.

@Candidasa Beach. these photo taken while me and my friends going to Taman Ujung..
And we have to take a rest for a while.. so we choose to break at these beach..

@Dreamland..hey, look at the super white scum wave..so much pretty, isn't?

@WaterBlow-Nusa Dua ( after renovated )

@Balangan Beach.. this is the lonely beach i ever visited.

Soooo, what do you think, Peeps? do you wanna put off all of your outfit and jumped in to the sea? ;)
Btw, all photos are in Bali. If you get interest to visit them but you dunno the place, ask Mbah Google..
haha, no, i'm kidding.. maybe i could bring you there, someday :)
Ah, while i posting these, i have a long time not go to the beach.. so now i feel so missing the beach :(
somebody pick me uppppppp, then go to the beach, pleaseeeeeeeee!

P.S : all of the beaches send regards to you..


  1. hey thanks for your lovely comment. me too! i love photograph so much, but i'm a newbie here. and i think all of my photos in my blog are not really good :( well, why don't you buy a dslr? but a pocket camera is as well as dslr if you know how to use it:)

  2. hello there! love your blog! anyway i have OPI giveaway on my blog, the total prize is over 1 million IDR, and there will be 3 winners!

    care to join? ^^ thanks!

  3. @Marcelina Grace : but i love your photograph..you hv the right 'timing' when you captured it..i do love the way you edited.. aaa, i really like the pic which the girl have a wings..
    bcause i'm addicted with an angels wings! *i wish i will have wings someday,haha!
    yes i have pocket camera..my dad gave it to me when i was 17th..and the nikon coolpix are 4yo now..he's going older -____-"