Monday, September 17, 2012

A Family Day @Kat's Kitchen

Hi fellas! How are you? It's been a long time since i post my last post, huh? 
Please forgive me, I have a lot of  things to do beside of my lazy-mood :p 
Well, I still want to update you about what happened a month ago. Yes, A MONTH AGO ( again, please forgive me ). That day, I went with my family for super late lunch, yeah that's around 4pm. We went to Kat's Kitchen ( sorry I can't found their website ). Actually we went there because one of my family decided to moved to Jakarta ( She's already did ), so this is like farewell party. If I'm not mistake, it happened on 11 August 2012, On Saturday, after i ate ice cream in this post . 
Did you know, Kat's Kitchen which is located in Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Ungasan is nearby my house. That's Thailand fusion. Aaa, I'm so excited to tried the dish *dance-dance*
FYI, I'm not to odd about Thailand dishes, because I've tried tom yum in Black Canyon Cafe last year ;p 
So, I decided to try the original tom yum there. Well, the menus are written with Thailand name, and I just pick randomly after I found word "tom yum" :))) *Kidding, there's an explanation about the ingredients, don't worry guys!*
Ok, without much speak, this is the yummy look :

This is my dish!!! Tom Yum with seafood in it.

A Pot of Hot Jasmine Tea *They said it's from Thailand*

Red Curry, ordered by my "sister"

*ZOOM-ZOOM* The Tom Yum :9
See, are they tempting you now? don't you? Worry about the price? I bet this is cheaper than Black Canyon.
And the taste is so rich with Thai seasoning *Ok, I can't tell you what's inside my tom yum, because, ehm, I don't know what are they :p
The prices are around Rp. 30.000-45.000 only. Cheap, isn't?
And I'm in love with the red curry! I tried my sis dish, and that's sooo delicious :9
I give score 8 from 10 for all of this Thailand dishes *love*
They're just opened the second restaurant in Bali, which is still in Jimbaran Area ( Jl. Raya Uluwatu II )
Nothing word that I could say, due-to-my-knowledge-about-ingredients-is-so-suck. So, this is the extras for you all.. MY LOVELY FAMILY ♥

Me and my sibling. *Yes we're definitely different*

My Brother in Law, my nephew and my daddy.


My Bro in Law with his silly face >.<

Gonna meet you in very soon post, yes, another post is waiting to be posting :D


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